Application Open for Spring 2018 – 2018 봄학기 입학 온라인 지원서 오픈


Application Open for Spring 2018


You can begin your application now through the link below.


George Mason University Korea offers a unique and exciting educational experience that will allow you to earn a world-class U.S. degree, with instruction in English. Currently, we offer seven unique academic majors, including:

Management, B.S. (AACSB Accreditation)
Accounting, B.S. (AACSB Accreditation)
Finance, B.S. (AACSB Accreditation)
Economics, B.A. / B.S.
Global Affairs, B.A.
Conflict Analysis and Resolution, B.A. / B.S.
Systems Engineering, M.S.


** Any questions:
Office of Admissions and Enrollment at GMU Korea


2018 봄학기 입학 온라인 지원서 오픈


아래 링크를 통해 원서 지원 바랍니다.


한국조지메이슨대학교는 미국 캠퍼스와 동일한 학위 취득이라는 특별한 교육 기회를 제공하고 있으며 현재 100% 영어로 진행되는 미국 캠퍼스와 동일한 일곱 개의 프로그램들을 운영하고 있습니다.

경영학, B.S. (AACSB 인증)
회계학, B.S. (AACSB 인증)
재무금융학, B.S. (AACSB 인증)
경제학, B.A. / B.S.
국제학, B.A.
분쟁분석 및 해결학, B.A. / B.S.
시스템 공학, M.S.


** 문의사항:
한국조지메이슨대학교 입학처