Career Workshop “Design Your Perspective”

On March 28th (Wednesday), 2018, from 12.00 p.m. to 1.00 p.m. in room G106, GMUK Career Development Center will host a lecture by Mr. Mingyu Kim on “Design Your Perspective”. Mr. Kim has founded Plan B Consulting Firm and has served in senior level positions at Olympus Corp, Johnson & Johnson Medical, and Boston Scientific Read more about Career Workshop “Design Your Perspective”[…]

U.S. college counselors talk with students on campus life

Deans from counseling backgrounds at U.S. colleges came to GMU Korea to meet students on March 19. As a part of President’s Talk Concert “Life as a College Student: Making the Most Out of Today and Tomorrow”, Elizabeth Cipres and Jeanie Nishime covered time management, career development, and more. Students shared their concerns and questions Read more about U.S. college counselors talk with students on campus life[…]

Professor Kwon’s editorial on Olympic sports diplomacy

South Korea’s most read economics newspaper, Hankuk Economics, published Professor Soyoung Kwon’s editorial on South Korea’s sports diplomacy. The article was published the paper’s March 17 issue. Kwon teaches Global Affairs at GMU Korea. Her courses focus on government politics. The editorial covers how the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics helped improve ties and positive communication Read more about Professor Kwon’s editorial on Olympic sports diplomacy[…]

Language Exchange

This event is a great opportunity to interact with people from all different backgrounds, connect with your international peers, and learn more about each other through practicing English and Korean! The event is open to everyone. This is a platform where international students and Korean students can interact comfortably and practice each other’s native languages. Read more about Language Exchange[…]