Overseas Study Prep Course (NHI Seminar)

National Human Resources Development Institute is holding a ‘Overseas Study Preparation course’ for government officials from various Government Departments such as MOSF(Ministry of Strategy and Finance), MOE (Ministry of Education), MOIS (Ministry of Interior and Safely), National Assembly and etc.

The government officials will be presenting you about Korean culture such as food, games and even traditional liquor. Everyone is welcomed to join this event!

George Mason University Korea has been hosting this monthly seminar conducted by about 40 Government officials since March. This will be your last chance to meet and talk with Korean government officials.

  • Date: May 25th (Fri) 1 pm ~ 3: 30 pm
  • Venue: Lecture Hall G#101, George Mason University Korea

If you have any questions about the seminar, please contact Jin Yee Choi at the Office of Government Relations and Institutional Partnerships:

mkgrip@gmu.edu / 032 626 5025