Freshman Research Writing Competition Spring 2018

Freshman Research Writing Competition 
Spring 2018

George Mason University Korea announces its inaugural biannual Freshman Research Writing Competition. The purpose of this competition is to promote and recognize excellence in first-year student research and writing, as well as to provide an audience for first-year student writers. The competition is open to all first- and second-semester GMUK freshman students.

Working individually and with the guidance of their instructors, students will develop scholarly research papers. Papers must include synthesized research from a minimum of six (6) academic sources, in-text citations, and a list of references.

This is a research competition and, therefore, the final product should answer a research question. Research questions do not have a yes or no answer and can be answered in different ways based on interpretation of sourced materials.

Initial entries will be judged on writing and research. Finalists will be required to attend a Q&A session with a panel of 3–5 judges and prepared to answer questions from the judges about their research. Finalists will be judged on writing, research, and answers to questions from the panel.

Prizes will be awarded in the form of GMUK scholarship support for the Fall 2018 semester:
1st place: KRW 300,000 2nd place: KRW 200,000 3rd place: KRW 100,000