July 13, 2018

Laine Munir, PhD

Research Fellow of Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Email: lmunir@gmu.edu

Doctor Laine Munir is currently a School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution research fellow. Before joining us, she received funding from the Provost’s Global Research Initiatives program at New York University’s Florence campus and served as a conflict resolution consultant in Kyrgyzstan. She has done bilingual aid work with non-profits in Bolivia and Honduras, as well as serving in the Peace Corps in rural Mozambique. Her research interests include gender, human rights, and social movements of the Global South. During her fellowship, her area interests are expanding to include forced migration issues outside Africa (e.g., refugees from Pakistan).

Dr. Munir received her master’s degree in human rights from Columbia University, and later her interdisciplinary doctorate in law and society from New York University, with her disciplinary base in the Department of Politics. Her qualitative dissertation investigated the role of women in Nigeria’s long-standing oil conflict, and specifically, how their perception of law and politics impacted their decision to mobilize against foreign oil companies and the state. This research included a year of field study and Igbo language acquisition as a Boren Fellow funded by the National Security Education Program.