Accelerating Success

Great teachers and great preparation lead to great jobs.

Mason Korea enables its students to achieve their dreams. Our students have excellent post-graduation success in high-quality first jobs, and in admissions to top graduate schools. Our 80% one-year employment rate—10% higher than the Korean national average—is one indicator of that success. But so are the diverse companies and organizations where our students end up working.

Our students achieve this success in part because Mason Korea provides them with strong research, analytical and critical thinking, problem-solving, reading, speaking, and research skills. Mason is known nationally for its commitment to undergraduate research and its programs in writing and rhetoric and in communication. These skills are crucial in the ever-changing industries and careers of the twenty-first century.

Our students’ post-graduation success reflects these key Mason strengths. They also reflect our faculty's commitment to teaching and mentoring our students and the excellence of our career services office, which helps students find internships, ready themselves for post-graduation goals from their very first year and works closely with individual students to help each student reach their goals.