Engaged Learning

From knowledge consumers to knowledge producers

Students becoming knowledge producers is a hallmark of a Mason education. When students engage in this kind of learning, they gain news skills and new confidence, and ready themselves for future successes in graduate school or in careers.

What do we mean when we say that our students are not just knowledge consumers, but knowledge producers? The production of knowledge starts in the classroom. In the best tradition of a US-style education, learning at Mason involves much more than memorization and text-taking. Our students actively engage in discussion and debate, analyze case studies, and participate in problem-solving workshops and other forms of learning that require them to develop and apply rather than only repeat what they have learned.

But this kind of learning goes beyond the classroom as well. George Mason University is a leader in student research and learning through projects outside the classroom. Our students pursue independent research and assist with faculty research projects. They participate in internships and experiential learning in which they are called on to propose new answers to the challenges they address.