One Mason, Many Opportunities

A US education in an accessible Korean location.

Because Mason Korea is simply a campus of George Mason University, students who attend Mason Korea receive a Mason degree. The Mason campus is one of four major campuses of George Mason University, in Fairfax, Prince William, and Arlington—all in Virginia—and here in Songdo. Just as with these other campuses, there are no special notes or distinctions related to attendance at the Korea campus.

Students will find, moreover, that the same values that animate George Mason in the US—and that have lifted Mason to its rating as the top US university under 50 years old—also animate Mason Korea. Those values include a commitment to student success, diversity of perspectives and people, inclusive excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship, and dedication to serving others and to well-being.

The connection with Mason in the US is expressed through these values, through the regular meetings and communication between faculty at Mason Korea and their home departments in the US, the programs that connect students, staff, and faculty across the campuses, a significant number of US faculty who come semester to Mason Korea to teach, and the leadership of Mason Korea. Mason Korea is the only IGC campus led by faculty and staff from the home campus, who combined have over 50 years of Mason experience.

At the same time, students will find Mason Korea to have its own distinct character. While they benefit from attending a top US research university and will spend time on a campus of nearly 40,000 students, they will also be able to take advantage of Mason’s small community, which brings to a great US research institution the qualities of another great type of US university, the small liberal arts college. On the Mason Korea campus students enjoy a faculty able to provide small classes, individualized instruction and support, easily accessible and helpful staff, and a warm student community. You will never get lost at Mason Korea.

Two Korean Majors from Fairfax Campus Hone Korean Skills at Mason Korea

Two Korean Majors from Fairfax Campus Hone Korean Skills at Mason Korea

For students at George Mason University seeking to learn Korean, Mason’s branch campus in Incheon, Korea presents a fantastic learning opportunity. Kelly Byrd and Summer Olympic Brown, both Korean majors at Mason’s Fairfax campus, are studying abroad at Mason Korea where they are part of the inaugural batch of interns at Mason Korea’s Industrial-University Collaboration Foundation (IUCF).

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