Service-Learning Experience

Earn academic credit for your service work in the community!


Service-learning courses offer students, faculty, and community partners an opportunity to work together to integrate and apply knowledge to address community needs. Learning goals, action strategies, and assignments are developed collaboratively among students, service organization leaders, and faculty. You will be able to demonstrate progress through critical reflection that illustrates your growth in acquiring and comprehending values, skills, and knowledge content. Critical reflection may take the form of papers, presentations, portfolios, journals, and exams.

As part of the course, students will be required to volunteer between 20 and 115 hours of service depending on their selected credit hours for the semester. You will engage with local community organizations to apply the concepts you learn in the classroom to your service experience. You will also critically reflect on the outcomes your service experience and apply concepts from the curriculum to those reflections.

Students will have the opportunity to choose a community partner and be expected to be present, positive and engaged during their service experience. You will be responsible for filling out your log sheet regularly and grade will be based on hours written on log sheet and confirmed by the community partner.


General Questions



Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at or 032-626-5060 for any questions about the application process. Students are encouraged to contact the course instructor to learn more about the course.