February 6, 2018

Apply to be an R.A

Residential Advisor


  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student in an undergraduate program
  • Must be in good academic standing, and must meet the minimum cumulative 2.25 GPA requirement at the time of application and for the duration of the Employment Agreement.
  • Must be in good judicial/disciplinary standing with the University.



The Resident Advisor is directly responsible for working with Residents as a whole to enhance the intellectual, social, and cultural experience of students at the University.

The Resident Advisor is responsible for articulating to their residents the philosophy and the policies of the Office of the Student Affairs, and the University and also for representing the needs of the students. The Resident Advisor’s effectiveness is dependent upon the relationship they establish with the residents. This adult-to-adult, non-paternal relationship centers on the Resident Advisor’s sincere desire to encourage the development of a residence community that fosters personal and academic growth and, in the case of first-year and transfer students, eases the adjustment to University life.

The core values of GMUK Residence Life program are multiculturalism, collaboration, personal accountability, empowerment, critical thinking, and customer service. The Resident Advisor is expected to incorporate these core values into their respective roles.

In fulfilling their responsibilities, Resident Advisors look to the Student Affairs staff to provide supervision, advice, and overall coordination. Additional responsibilities and expectations will be communicated during trainings and throughout the year.

Duties & Responsibilities

Active Engagement with Students

  • Promote and sustain organic leadership by maintaining positive peer-leader relationships and supporting the goals of your residents.
  • Be committed to student success.
  • Be available to and get to know your residents.
  • Have conversations with the residents on your floor throughout the year, paying special attention to when they join the community.
  • Develop opportunities for individuals to contribute to the floor community.
  • Be accessible to residents at various times throughout the day, including most nights and some weekends.
  • Assist students as they develop the interpersonal skills and individual responsibility.
  • Encourage student participation in Hall/Community/Student Council, University sponsored programs, recognized student organizations and other activities.
  • Work as a member of the staff team to support out-of-class learning opportunities.

Community Development

Conflict Resolution

  • Help develop an atmosphere in which students have concern and respect for the rights of others.
  • Empower and educate students to resolve and mediate low-level conflicts on their own.
  • Mediate conflicts amongst residents as they arise.
  • Notify supervisor immediately of any conflict that may escalate

Policy Enforcement

  • Understand and uphold all University and residence hall rules, regulations, and policies.
  • Utilize an educational approach to address students about policies, as well as the impacts of their behavior.
  • Address all policy violations immediately and consistently.
  • Maintain consistency and fairness when dealing with all students in the building.
  • Document student concerns and notify supervisor in a timely fashion.
  • Seek support and guidance from supervisor during and after difficult situations.
  • Follow up with residents after a confrontation.

Crisis Response

  • Understand and maintain familiarity with crisis protocols.
  • Respond to crises as they occur on the floor and in the building.
  • Complete necessary paperwork involved in documenting the crisis.
  • Escalate necessary situations to appropriate supervisor(s) immediately.
  • Follow up with residents regarding any crisis situations.


  • Participate in duty rotation.
  • Conduct building rounds to build relationships with students, confront policy infractions, and note facility concerns.
  • If applicable, share in duty coverage in buildings open over university break periods.


  • Execute administrative functions of the position so that colleagues and students can maximize their ability to benefit from the living-learning environment created. This includes completing all required paperwork in a timely and accurate manner, promptly posting signs and regularly changing bulletin boards, and identifying and reporting maintenance concerns in common areas.
  • Encourage and role model interaction with Housekeeping and Maintenance staff.
  • Assist in opening and closing residence halls at the beginning and end of each semester as well as during vacation periods.
  • Assume additional responsibilities as assigned by coordinators and other Housing and Residence Life professionals.
  • The student staff position is a live-in position, and as such student staff are encouraged to sleep in their own room each night.

Personal and Professional Development

  • Participate in staff selection and recruitment.
  • Attend all training and leadership development opportunities.

Terms of Employment

  1. Resident Advisors must arrive for mandatory training program one/two week prior to the beginning of the semester
  2. Remuneration: A furnished single room rent-free during the term of employment
  3. Term: March to December



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George Mason University Resident Advisor Application

This position is for spring 2018 and Fall 2018 semesters. Preference will be given to candidates who will commit to being at GMUK for the entire calendar year referenced above. Each Resident Advisor will receive free housing for each semester.

The Resident Advisor (RA) position directly supports the academic and developmental mission of the University.  Resident Advisors are expected to facilitate a cooperative, supportive living environment and to promote learning, social responsibility in the residence halls. They promote and enforce standards for appropriate behavior in individuals and in communities. RAs are expected to develop and support a sense of community by initiating and implementing social and educational activities and programs. They serve as information resources about the George Mason Korea Campus. Resident Advisors are vital members of the Student Affairs team, working with the Student Affairs staff to serve the needs of the student. Most of all, RAs are expected to be people who respect and care about the rights and dignity of all people, who challenge and support growth in themselves and others, and who strive to create a welcoming, positive environment for all members of the GMU Korea community.

Applications are due by November 16th at 5 PM. Applicants should expect to be interviewed during the week of Nov 23.- Nov 27th

There will be a mandatory training sessions during the week of November 30 –December 4th

Resident Advisor Application

    This position is for spring 2018 and Fall 2018 semesters. Preference will be given to candidates who will commit to being at GMUK for both semesters (Check the one that applies to your situation)
  • Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Please limit your answers to 300 words or less for each prompt


Please note: If selected to serve as a GMUK Resident Advisor, you may be expected to be on campus at least one week prior to the beginning of each semester to assist with Res Hall preparations for new and returning students. You will also be expected to remain on campus during the entirety of the move out dates at the end of each semester.