Sewon Lim, Global Affairs, Sophomore

Sewon Lim

“My Korean SAT English was level 2, but I rarely used English in real life. At first, I felt like I was hearing the language but I didn’t fully understand or had something to say but wasn’t organized in what I spoke about. Now, even when a professor points to me and asks me a question, I never hesitate in giving an answer. Reading English textbooks and submitting projects are not a problem for me anymore. My grades are high and school life is enjoyable.

The PPP program I went through freshman year helped a lot as I took supplementary classes to catch up with courses for my major. Through the PPP program, I was able to learn how to write professional emails to professors, how to use the online library, and how to write English resumes as well as frequently used academic language.

I was also able to ask a student tutor at our Academic Resource Center to review my reports before submitting them. They were mostly senior students who were taking the same class as me. I am part of the student newspaper and we conduct meetings in English. We have a ‘Chingu Program’ which supports student activities and last week, I went to Lotte World with international students. Sometimes I can't believe I've become so comfortable with these friends."