July 20, 2018

Mason Korea holds “Course Experience” for applicants

George Mason University Korea ‘s course experience program kicks off on June 17 in room 106 at 1:00 pm. Prospective students and parents are invited to see how courses are taught by GMU Korea professors. In addition, Provost Wu has prepared an introduction speech followed by a wide variety of programs such as school tours and a prize lottery.

This course experience program that offers a global educational experience to prospective students who are in the midst of applying for university, began last fall and is celebrating its second anniversary this year. This year’s program lectures will be held by professors Jason Morris, Lester Kurtz, Kent Zimmerman, and Borislava Manojlovic. They will be teaching the following courses in respective order “Kimchi Bus, K-Food, and Cultural Diplomacy”, “Sociology of Religion”, “Business Law: Introduction to Torts and Contracts”, and “Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Cross-Cultural Perspective”.