February 11, 2019

Help is all around in Fairfax. Reach out for it!

Chulson Lee shares his experience of studying at Fairfax in hope of inspiring other students. How he prepared, planned, and developed his college life will be given to those who are worried about their transitions.

From day 1 at Mason Korea campus to the graduation, Chulson continuously visited the Academic Advising Center. It is established to guide students to find suitable courses throughout their academic years. Chulson highlighted, “Academic Advising is the key to preparing semesters in Fairfax campus”. Particularly, the Academic Advising center developed Chulson’s 4-year academic plan and helped him with his Fairfax courses. Since there are various selections of courses at the Fairfax campus, he would have more confusions without the center’s help. Even though he frequently visited the center, he always felt very welcomed by the faculty and staff members. He also mentioned that GMU community also played an important role. Apart from professors who gave thoughtful advice, GMUK students who already finished their time in Fairfax Home Campus turned out to be a great help. After all, he is still deeply thankful for  all the faculty and students who helped him to successfully go through the period.

“Of course it was a different country and a foreign place, but the campus life itself was quite similar to how it was in GMUK”, said Chulson. It was not difficult to make a transition from the Home Campus from the Korean campus based on the knowledge that was given to Chulson. One concern that Chulson had was transportation. Different transportation conditions took time to get used to it but he settled into it just fine.

Chulson pointed out a few places to visit around Fairfax area. First of all, there is Recreation and Athletic Complex (RAC) where Mason students can work out. It was a great place to interact with the students and it relieved stress from the studying. For outside of campus, he suggested going to Washington D.C. As the capital city of the States, there are many symbolic places to visit such as Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. In addition, there are various international institution buildings which interested him as a Global affairs student.

Even though he was far away from his family, thanks to the development of technology, he often talked to his family through social media. His concern for food was also not a big issue since Fairfax area is known as ‘Little Korea’, which is easy to get access to Korean restaurants. 

“If you have concerns or issues while you are staying in Fairfax, I really hope you do not hold it to yourself but open up to someone else who can help you. They will help you as if the problems are theirs.”, he highlighted at the end. For Chulson, spending a year in Fairfax was the turning point. He lived on his own far away from family, expanded his learning, and get fully engaged to Mason experience. What makes life at Fairfax successful is the well-designed plan. If he ever encountered difficulties, he reached out to people and used resources which were for him and students. He wants our students to enjoy their lives at the Fairfax just like he did. 

Now, he is a proud graduate of GMUK. He would love to use the knowledge and experience that he achieved during GMU campus life. Through the CDC (Carrer Development Center) which helps students to participate in Internship opportunities and plan out their future career, he was able to receive an intern opportunity at the International organization, A-web. As Global affairs covers a lot of fields, he is looking forward to the various opportunities that are ahead of him.