Collaborations and Partnerships


Being the best one can be and helping others be the best they can involves making and then working to maintain connections. This is why villages are stronger than individuals; why the most successful and impactful entities are those that devote their energies toward the greater good rather than the welfare of only a few. Since its beginning days in spring, 2014, George Mason University Korea has devoted itself toward linking with others. Such vital connections enhance the university and better enable it to provide students with more opportunities to grow and faculty members to broaden their intellectual output.

Below represents a list of many of GMU Korea’s most vital collaborations and partnerships. Collectively, this illustrates the university’s commitment to becoming an active member of the Korean community and a major force in the ongoing growth of its surrounding region.

Institution/OrganizationOrganization Type
Incheon Global CampusGovernment
Shinil High SchoolEducation
Kookmin BankFinance
Incheon Posco AcademyEducation
Incheon Metropolitan CityGovernment
Tokyo Korean School Education
International Sports Relations FederationNGO
Incheon International High SchoolEducation
Sungmoon HighSchoolEducation
Ganghwa High SchoolEducation
Chadwick International SchoolEducation
Incheon Daegun High SchoolEducation
MIT International SchoolEducation
World Federation of UN AssociationsUN Organization
Pacific City BankFinance
Korean Association of Certified Public Tax AccountantsNGO
Korea Customs ServiceGovernment
Theragen Etex Bio InstituteVenture Capital
City of GwangmyungGovernment
Cheongna Dalton SchoolEducation
Redwood AcademyEducation
Kyeongin IlboMedia
Foundation for Korean Language and Culture In USAEducation
Incheon National UniversityEducation
Korean AirCorporation
Korea Economic InstituteNGO
A Cube EntertainmentCorporation
Irvine Valley CollegeEducation
Santa Monica CollegeEducation
Korea National Open UniversityEducation
Korea-U.S. Tax ForumNGO
Town News USAMedia