Covid-19 Dashboard

New positive cases Positive cases cleared from quarantine Total positive cases currently in quarantine Percentage positive cases among the Mason Korea community
0 0 1 0.14%

Updated on 09/26/2022

The table shows the current number of members of the Mason Community who have tested positive for COVID-19. This table is updated every day by 10:00 am. 

We will use this data to determine the instructional and work modes for Mason Korea. For further information on the thresholds for these modes, please see the chart at the bottom of this page. The number of Mason Korea students, faculty and staff is currently 714. 

Threshold percentages are determined by dividing the totals below by the total number of people in the Mason Korea community.

For positive cases, we will go to level 2 if we have 10~20% positive cases.

We will go to level 3 if we have 20% or more positive cases.