Event Emergency Checklist

Event Emergency Checklists for COVID-19

All event organizers at Mason Korea are asked to go through this checklist when hosting an event on campus.

Event plannings during COVID-19 should base on Korea's national and regional social distance regulations.

  1. All events should be notified in advance to the Events Management Team (mkevents@gmu.edu, 032-626-5017).
  2. All events must have a designated point of contact person for emergencies and the contact information of this personnel should be submitted to Events Management Team via e-mail (mkevents@gmu.edu).
  3. You must receive confirmation from your external guests that they have not traveled abroad within 10 days. If traveled, you must confirm that they have completed their mandatory 10-day quarantine.
  4. For events held outdoor or at a different location than the Mason Korea building, you MUST check the temperatures of ALL attendees at your event location before entering the venue. Portable thermometers are available from the Emergency, Health, and Safety Team (mksafety@gmu.edu, 032-626-5555, #G545).
  5. You MUST keep participant log files for ALL offline events. You may be required to submit the log file from the EHS team in case of any emergencies.
  6. ALL participants attending the event MUST sanitize their hands before entering the event. Make sure you have an adequate number of hand sanitizers at the event location.
  7. ALL participants MUST keep 2 meters (arms-length or at least a meter) of social distance at all times. Please consult with the Events Management Team (mkevents@gmu.edu, 032-626-5017) for reserving adequate spaces for your event.
  8. ALL participants at the event MUST wear masks at all times except for those who cannot wear masks due to medical conditions. Such conditions should be notified to the organizer prior to one’s attendance.
  9. You MUST check that the ventilation is available at the event location. The event location should be ventilated regularly with all windows and doors open, or through a built-in ventilation system.
  10. Refrain from sharing or distributing open snacks and drinks at events. Buffet events are NOT allowed.
  11. Make sure you clean up the location and wipe the furniture, door handles with sanitizing wipes after the event.

For more information and questions, please contact Events Management Team at mkevents@gmu.edu or 032-626-5017.


(Updated: 2022-01-18)