Purchasing a face mask as a foreigner


Masks are available at local pharmacies, Nonghyeop Hanaro Mart, and Post Office.

You MUST be registered to Korean National Health Insurance.

(If you are not registered to Korean National Health Insurance and need a face mask, please contact IGC Health Center at 032-626-0553.)

ID and Health Insurance Card required.

At local pharmacies Nonghyeop Hanaro Mart, Post Office
Alien Registration Card (ARC)

Alien Registration Card (ARC)


Korean National Health Insurance Card

Only up to 10 masks (in total) are purchasable per person/per week. This means that you cannot buy 10 masks each at different locations. Central purchase tracking system is running at every sales location to check the total purchase amount per person/per week. (* If 2 masks came in one packet this also counts as 2 masks.)


When?(5-Day Rotation System)

Purchasable days differ according to your last digit number of the year of birth and they are as follows.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1,6 2,7 3,8 4,9 5,0 For all those who were not able to purchase during the designated weekdays

For example, if you were born in 1984, the last digit number of your birth year is ‘4’. According to the table, you are able to purchase masks on Thursdays during the week. Weekends are open to all who were not able to purchase on the designated days during the weekdays.

This guideline is valid until 11th June, 2020. Starting on 12th July, medical masks(KF80 and KF94) will be available at various retailers such as pharmacy, convenient store and online without quota per person.

(Update: 2020-07-07)