Required Documents

Effective from June 1, the Ministry of Justice announced that Korea would implement new requirements for Korean visa holders to re-enter Korea after traveling abroad in order to prevent inflow of COVID-19 from overseas.

1. Re-entry permit

Foreigners who are long term residents(D-2, E-1, E-2, F-3 Visa holders) of the Republic of Korea (ROK) will be required to obtain a re-entry permit prior to departing for international travel. The permits are available at immigration offices, airports, and port offices. ①Passport, ②copy of alien registration, ③re-entry permit application, ④letter of explanation and ⑤consent for medical examination and submission of diagnosis before re-entry are required to get a re-entry permit. The cost is 30,000 won and the re-entry permit is valid for one year. Failure to apply for a re-entry permit prior to departure will result in the cancellation of the traveler’s ROK Alien Registration.

2. Medical certificate

When returning to Korea, a foreign resident must provide a medical certificate within 48 hours of departure or negative COVID-19 test before boarding flights to Korea. The certificate must be in English or Korean and signed by a medical professional within 48 hours of departure; it should include information about fever, cough, and other potential symptoms confirming that the patient is free of symptoms associated with the Coronavirus. While a negative COVID-19 test result is accepted for immigration, it is not a requirement for it to be included in the medical certificate.

There is an exception. When traveling on official purpose(business/investment, press, academic/research) for less than 3 weeks, the requirement for a medical certificate will be waved. In this case, traveler need to apply for the waiver from the Immigration Office in advance prior to leaving Korea.

Overseas Korean (F-4) status do not need to apply for re-entry permits or provide medical certificates when returning to Korea.

For detailed information on the re-entry permit and medical certificate, please call 1345 (ROK Immigration Contact Center) or visit the official website: Note that ROK immigration policies are subject to change with little advance notice.

Ministry of Justice: Re-entry Permit System and Submission of Diagnosis for Re-entry into the ROK

Ministry of Justice: Exemption from Medical Examination for Re-entry

Ministry of Justice: FAQ


(Updated: 2020-08-20)