Mask Policies

1. Nation base - Effective from November 13, 2020

Anyone in violation of the new mask policy will be fined 100,000 KRW per violation and up to 3,000,000 KRW for business owners. Fines will be subject to places, types of masks, and how you wear a mask. Please see below for more details.


  • Publicly used facilities/establishments, etc. – Owner of the business, employees, and customers
  • Additional designated places by local governments

[High-risk facilities (12 types)]

Nightlife facilities/Karaokes/Clubs/GX facilities/door-to-door selling/large private academy (with over 300 students)/buffet restaurants/logistics centers

[Publicly used facilities (16)]

Restaurants (including those at service areas), Bakeries (over 150 m2) / Water parks / Amusement parks / Concert halls / Movie theaters / Internet café (PC-bang) / Private academies (Hakwon) – below 300 students

  • Public transportation: bus, subway, taxi, etc. – Drivers, employees, and passengers
  • Demonstration sites – The host and supporter of the demonstrations, and participants
  • Medical facilities – Employees, patients, and visitors
  • Nursing facilities – Employees

Types of masks

  • Approved KF94, KF80, KF-AD or medical masks approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS).
  • Fabric masks, disposable masks are allowable.
  • However, using mesh masks, valve masks, scarves or clothes are not considered as wearing a mask.

How you wear a mask

The following cases will not be considered as wearing a mask and will be fined.

  • Not wearing a mask
  • Not fully covering one’s mouth and nose

Exemptions for fines and bills

1) Exempted group: ages under 14 and anyone who is not able to wear masks due to medical conditions

2) Exempted cases: while washing face, eating/drinking, during medical treatment, and any cases where showing your face is inevitable.

  • When having meals
  • At swimming pools and public baths (when inside the pool or bath)
  • When washing your face or brushing your teeth
  • When it is difficult to wear a mask during a medical checkup, surgery, treatment, medication, etc.
  • At performances where you have to show your face (only on stage), broadcasting (only when filming/private broadcast – only when filmed at private spaces), photo session (only when officially scheduled), and for interpretation of sign languages
  • Athletes playing matches, musicians at performances
  • Bride, groom, parents, at the wedding ceremony
  • Whenever wearing a mask is considered to disturb the performance of safety (pilots, etc.)
  • For identification (at the airport, etc.)


1) Individual

100,000 KRW will be fined to the violator regardless of the number of violation cases.

2) Owner of the business or employees

When failed to adhere to the safety protocols of COVID-19 (keeping visitor logs, wearing masks, etc.), the business will be billed 1,500,000 KRW for its first violation and 3,000,000 KRW for its second and further violations.


2. Region (Incheon) base - Effective from October 14, 2020

Incheon Metropolitan City has re-issued 'mandatory wearing of masks for residents and visitors in all areas of Incheon' to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Applied to: Residents and visitors of all areas in Incheon
  • Period: From October 14, 2020 ~ until further notice
  • Fines subject to: Places, types of masks, how you wear a mask (please refer to detailed items under '(A) Nation base').
  • Exemption: Under ages of 14 and those who are unable to wear masks due to medical conditions
  • Fine: Individual in violation (100,000 KRW), Business owners/employees (1st – 1,500,000 KRW, 2nd and further– 3,000,000 KRW).


(Updated: 2021-07-02)