Medical Coverage

1. Locals (Korean nationals)

Once confirmed positive, all costs for the COVID-19 test, in-hospital care, and treatment are covered by the National Health Insurance and the government. Doctor's fee for other occasions than COVID-19 treatment is not supported.


2. Internationals (Non-Korean nationals)

1) COVID-19 test fee

  • Covered by the Korean government only when you are: i) tested positive, ii) tested for a suspective case, iii) categorized as a close contact of a confirmed case, or iv) a patient who needs emergency surgery.

2) Doctor's fee for other occasions

  • Not supported.

3) In-hospital care and treatment for COVID-19

  • The range of coverage will differ based on your nationality based on the reciprocity principle between Korea and each nation: Group (A) Full support, Group (B) Partial support (in-hospital care fee only/expenses for meals and treatment not supported), and Group (C) Not supported


(Feb, 2021) Support guidance per nationality for COVID-19 related hospitalization and treatment costs in Korea based on the Principles of Mutualism

The range of coverage may differ according to your registration status to Korea's National Health Insurance Service and whether you were tested positive before or after the termination of the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

For more information on the coverage details, please contact the HR Office at or 032-626-5036.


(Updated: 2021-02-18)