Fall 2020 by Featured

Looking for courses to take in Fall 2020? Please see a few highlighted courses below. The list includes courses that are being offered for the first time at Mason Korea campus and courses that are simply great course options for students with interesting topics. Please click on the featured courses and learn more about them.  

This is not a full list of all the courses available. For the full list, please visit the Fall 2020 courses page.

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CDS 292 - K01: Intro Social Network Analysis

01:30 PM to 02:45 PM TF

Mason Korea G401

Instructor: George Whelan

ENGH 362 - K01: Global Voices: Modern and Contemporary East Asian Culture

06:00 PM to 08:40 PM T

Mason Korea G203

Instructor: Hyunyoung Cho

Offered for the first time at Mason Korea in Fall 2020, ENGH 362: Global Voices is a course that studies cultures other than British or American in a comparative framework.  This semester we will explore the modern and contemporary cultures of Korea, Japan, and China by examining various cultural products, from literary texts (in English translation), films, to artifacts of popular and everyday culture.  Our discussions will be organized around themes such as “the traditional and the modern,” “individual, family and community,” and “women in East Asian cultures.”   

GAME 250 - KD1: Music for Film and Video


Instructor: Kelly Nam

GLOA 450 - K01: Contemporary North Korea

05:00 PM to 07:40 PM M

Mason Korea G105

Instructor: Ji Hye Lim

MBUS 301 - K01: Managing People/Orgs Glob Econ

02:00 PM to 04:40 PM M

Mason Korea G301

Instructor: Vias C Nicolaides

What do you need to do as a manager to be successful? How do you achieve your goals and how do you set goals to begin with? How do you get the best out of your employees? How do you motivate your employees? What about those employees that report feeling bored? What other challenges will you face as a manager and how do you successfully deal with them? 

This class provides answers to the above questions (and others) as well as a soft introduction to the field of Business Management while taking a global perspective.

We will cover the fundamental principles of Management as well as examine the environment under which individuals and businesses operate in. We will talk about employee psychology and how to enable employees to reach their full potential. In doing so, the class trains students in developing the necessary knowledges and skills that are necessary to be successful and thrive in the globalized world that we all live in.