ENGH 101: Composition

ENGH 101-K01: Composition
(Fall 2022)

04:30 PM to 05:45 PM TR

Mason Korea (119 Songdomunhwa-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea) G210

Section Information for Fall 2022

ENGH 101 - K01: Composition

Welcome to English 101! This course is designed to help you improve your ability to read, write, and think at the university level. In this course, you will use writing to explore and reflect on your own ideas and to inform and persuade your readers. Along the way, you will develop critical reading skills and research techniques to support your writing and use appropriate technologies to assist it. 

English 101 emphasizes writing as a process. You will generate an idea, investigate your topic, create early drafts, seek and receive feedback, and revise and edit your writing. You will also learn to tailor your writing to the needs of a specific audience or situation. In particular, we will focus on the rhetorical elements of texts, giving you the tools to identify these elements in others' writing and to produce them in your own writing.

As a Mason Impact course, ENGH 101 teaches students to understand knowledge creation and to investigate a meaningful question through the development of an inquiry-based research project that evaluates, synthesizes, and incorporates multiple perspectives.

The class readings we do in this course will be centered around social justice and climate change. These themes will anchor your research practices and help inform your different writing activities. You will also use these themes as a springboard to develop your own individual lines of inquiry that you will follow and investigate throughout the semester, beginning with a narrative argument essay, then moving to a longer researched argument piece, before concluding with an adaptation of your researched paper for a different audience. 

I look forward to sharing the semester with you and to reading your writing. My goal is to help you feel more confident in your writing abilities and ready to take up writing activities that you encounter in your other classes or in your personal and professional lives.


Required Materials

Textbook: From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Practical Guide, 5th edition by Stuart Greene & April Lidinsky published in 2020/1—available in various forms and from various sellers, i.e., Macmillan, Amazon, etc.

Technology & Software: Laptop, Mason ID, Google Account, MS Word


Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Provides student writers with the skills and mindsets needed to effectively respond to a range of academic and public writing situations through particular attention to rhetorical flexibility and inquiry-based research. Students learn to engage in a process of discovery and consider diverse perspectives before making a judgment, taking a stance, or proposing a solution. Students learn to analyze and respond to a range of rhetorical situations (writing in various genres for different audiences and purposes); develop strategies to critically read a range of non-fiction genres; engage in in-depth inquiry and writing processes; locate, evaluate, and synthesize source material to discover and answer complex questions; and reflect on what they are learning and how they are applying new knowledge, as well as on their research and writing processes. Equivalent to ENGH 100, ENGH 122, ENGH 123.
Specialized Designation: Mason Impact.
Schedule Type: Lecture
This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale.

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