ENGH 302: Advanced Composition

ENGH 302-K01: Advanced Composition
(Spring 2021)

01:30 PM to 02:45 PM TR

Mason Korea G201

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302-MK Course Description

This course will help you to further develop the writing and research skills you learned in English 100/101 and other courses, with a special focus on writing and research in your own major field of study.  It will teach you to write with awareness of audience, purpose, and context, and help you to understand how knowledge is created and transmitted through scholarly research in your chosen field. You will have the opportunity to come up with and to refine your own question for scholarly research, to situate this inquiry in an ongoing conversation in your field, and to design a final project that adds new perspectives to the conversation. Overall, this class will help you to find your voice in your discipline and to transfer your learning to a range of different writing situations.

Moreover, at Mason Korea, English 302 is enhanced to better serve the unique needs of GMU-Korea students.  It incorporates the research and current best practices in composition instruction for multilingual writers. Lessons and assignments are designed to empower you as you negotiate your entry into your field’s discourse community as a multilingual writer from a non-U.S. educational culture.


Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Intensive practice in writing and analyzing expository forms such as essay, article, proposal, and technical or scientific reports with emphasis on research related to student's major field. Notes: Students must attain minimum grade of C to fulfill degree requirements. Schedule of Classes designates particular sections of ENGH 302 in business, humanities, natural sciences and technology, and social sciences. Limited to three attempts.
Specialized Designation: Mason Impact.
Recommended Prerequisite: Completion of 45 credits.
Registration Restrictions:

Required Prerequisites: (ENGH 100C, 101C, U101, 122C, ENGL 100C, 101C, U101, 122C, HNRS 110C, NCLC 203C or INTS 203C) and (ARAB 325D, L325, CHIN 310D, 311D, 325D, L325, 328D, CLAS 250D, U250, 260D, 340D, 350D, 360D, 380D, ENGH 201D, U201, 202D, U202, 203D, U203, 204D, U204, FREN 325D, L325, 329D, FRLN 330D, GERM 325D, ITAL 320D, 325D, L325, JAPA 340D, KORE 311D, PHIL 253D, RELI 235D, U235, 333D, RUSS 325D, 326D, 327D, SPAN 325D, L325, ENGH 2---, INTS 101D, NCLC 101D, HNRS 131D, ELED 358D, L358 or HIST 334D).
C Requires minimum grade of C.
D Requires minimum grade of D.

Students with a class of Freshman may not enroll.

Schedule Type: Lecture

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