GLOA 450: Topics in Global Affairs

GLOA 450-K01: Topics in Global Affairs
(Fall 2023)

03:30 PM to 04:45 PM MW

Mason Korea (119 Songdomunhwa-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea) G106

Section Information for Fall 2023

GLOA 450 - K01: Topics in Global Affairs

This course provides an introduction to the contemporary culture of Korea, with an emphasis on the Hallyu (Korean Wave), K-Pop and Korean culture and media.

Major themes throughout the course will be: (1) Important aspects that have shaped today’s Korean society and media culture; (2) Korea in East Asia; (3) the development of Hallyu; (4) the history of K-Pop and its globalization and (5) the co-existence of local and global in Korea.

Although readings and assignments are set up on different forms of cultural products, the overall intent of the course is comprehensive understanding of the ambivalence of Korean popular culture – local and global at the same time.

Students are going to listen to many K-Pop songs, watch a couple of Korean films, excerpts from K-Drama, Korean documentaries, and more. It means that this course will be fun and even entertaining sometimes! However, it is REALLY important for students to actively participate into the class discussion when enjoying all those K-media products. Though it is a 300-level course, the Professor would like to lead the course to a quasi-graduate level course asking students to act autonomously. 


Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 1-3

Selected topics in global affairs. Content varies. Notes: May be repeated for credit when topic is different.May be repeated within the degree for a maximum 9 credits.
Specialized Designation: Topic Varies
Recommended Prerequisite: GLOA 101 or SOCI 120.
Schedule Type: Lecture
This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale.

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