GOVT 347: International Security

GOVT 347-K01: International Security
(Fall 2020)

10:30 AM to 01:10 PM R

Mason Korea G203

Section Information for Fall 2020

This course focuses on several of the major debates and issues in international security. Students will be introduced to the variety of competing conceptions of security, evolution of security concepts, and existing security problems at the core of the international system.  The course is divided into three parts: (i) Approaches to Security; (ii) Traditional and Non-Traditional Security; and (iii) Challenges and Emerging Threats including terrorism, cyber security, health security, and weapons proliferation.   Some cases of regional security dilemmas will be examined closely to analyze, understand, transform, and eventually resolve conflicts that threatens the peaceful coexistence in today’s world.  

This course aims to provide students with a solid understanding of:

  • major theoretical approaches used in the study of international security;
  • significant concepts that underpin contemporary debate on international security;
  • contemporary challenges and security dilemmas;
  • alternatives to attaining international security in the future.

Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Explores enduring security problems and new developments. Examines effects of international system on defense policies of states, particularly tensions of world caught between emerging interdependence and national demands. Encourages development of critical-thinking and group and oral presentation skills. Limited to three attempts.
Recommended Prerequisite: GOVT 132.
Schedule Type: Lecture

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