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Students at George Mason University Korea will literally enjoy a world of opportunities. This unique program is based in two dynamic nations (Korea and the United States) on campuses less than an hour away from two national capitals (Seoul and Washington, D.C.). One of the many attractive features of the academic program is that students will spend several semesters at Mason’s main U.S. campus in Fairfax, Virginia. All courses are taught by Mason credentialed faculty. Faculty for the program is drawn from Mason’s distinguished professoriate, which includes senior Mason faculty who come from the US to teach and do research at George Mason University Korea and they are joined by outstanding colleagues from around the world. Students will receive the same George Mason University degree as students who spend all four years on one of our three US campuses.


School of Business


The mission of the School of Business is to prepare a diverse student body to succeed in a global business environment. Through the faculty’s creation and dissemination of business knowledge, practice, and pedagogy, we enable our students to develop analytical and communication skills and to practice ethical business behavior. Business programs at George Mason University is accredited by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the world’s largest education network of worldwide advanced business education institutions.



Management, BS

Prepares students to fill important Leadership, Management, and Entrepreneurial Roles in the Public and Private Sector.

The BS in Management program is market driven and focuses on giving students the skills necessary to set the direction for organizations in a changing world and bring people together to achieve objectives. The Management program prepares students for a managerial career in the public and private sectors. It offers a wide variety of management related courses covering subjects such as human resource management, management of organizations, organizational behavior, labor management relations, small business management, and entrepreneurship.

School/Department: School of Business
Catalog: Management BS


Finance, BS

Produces Professionals with Ability to Generate And Apply Financial Information To Solve Business Problem.

Finance majors enjoy great demand in the labor market because they take the lead in making decisions concerning asset valuation, initial public offerings, stock portfolios, financial statements, dividend policy, market regulation, international diversification, and capital budgeting. Our BS in finance program is designed to prepare student for a professional, managerial, or investment career in the private and public sectors. Finance faculty mentors provide additional information on the profession and a career in finance.

School/Department: School of Business
Catalog: Finance, BS


Accounting, BS

The accounting major is designed to produce accounting professionals with an ability to critically analyze and apply financial information to solve business problems.

The BS in accounting (ACCT) prepares students for professional careers in the private and public sectors. The accounting major is designed to produce accounting professionals with an ability to critically analyze and apply financial information to solve business problems. Our students learn principles of business and accounting as well as the specific skills and specialized technical knowledge necessary for success in the dynamic field of accounting.

School/Department: School of Business
Catalog: Accounting, BS


College of Humanities and Social Sciences


The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at George Mason University is committed to providing a challenging education to undergraduate and graduate students, expanding the frontiers of knowledge through research, and contributing intellectual leadership to the community. The college values the rich scholarly traditions of the past while embracing evolving disciplinary and interdisciplinary innovations. It believes that a liberal arts education is the best preparation for a lifetime of careers.


Economics, BS & BA

As a Mason Economics major, you will participate in an international top-ranked program— Mason Economics is ranked No. 1 among all programs in the southern United States and is one of only 63 programs in the world to have formal relationships with Chinese universities endorsed and supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education. You will be taking classes from faculty in a department that includes world renowned professors who have earned significant national and international awards. In addition, the faculty of Mason Economics is popularly known for engaging and informative blogs, including “Café Hayek” and “Marginal Revolution”. Experimental economics, public choice, and Austrian economics are three fields that give Mason’s Economics Department its altogether unique personality, encouraging students from the world to study Economics at Mason. We welcome you to join the faculty and students in this program, one that has consistently been ranked in the top 75 in the world.

World-Renowned Faculty of the Economics Department

  • James M. Buchanan, received the Nobel Memorial Prize in 1986 for Economics
  • Vernon Smith, received the Nobel Memorial Prize in 2002 for Economics
  • Tyler Cohen, nominated by “The Economist” 2011 as one of the most influential economists in the last decade

College: College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Department: Economics
Catalog: Economics, BSEconomics, BA


Global Affairs, BA

As a Global Affairs major, you will study with international experts and learn about global politics, economics, culture, and international development. Students must complete a concentration and can choose Asian Studies or Global Economy and Management. Students who select Asian Studies as a concentration have the additional option to complete a minor in Business. With an understanding of historical and contemporary global trends and advanced language skills, Global Affairs students are prepared for international careers or advanced graduate study. If the idea of a global career intrigues you, join the faculty and students in the Global Affairs program, consistently ranked as one of the top 50 in the world.

College: College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Catalog: Global Affairs, BA