The Korean government has changed COVID-19 requirements effective from June 1, 2023. Please refer to the following changes.

1. Self-quarantine Period

The Korean government has previously mandated a 7 day quarantine period for individuals who tested positive for COVID-19. However, starting from June 1, they have changed the requirement to a recommended 5-day quarantine period.

2. Mask Wearing Policy Update

While it was previously mandatory to wear masks in pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, the government has now recommended mask-wearing in pharmacies and local clinics. However, please be noted that wearing masks remains mandatory in hospital settings.

3. COVID-19 Test and Vaccine

  • Temporary test centers will be suspended but you can get a PCR test for free if you take your positive self-test kit in a local community healthcare center.
  • Preventive vaccines for COVID-19 are accessible to everyone free of charge.
  • Government will provide treatment and medications at no cost to individuals diagnosed with COVID-19.

Although government has lowered the COVID-19 crisis alert level and lifted related regulations, risk of COVID-19 still exists. Please take all the recommended precautions. If you have any suspected symptoms, conduct a self-test. In case you test positive, please strictly adhere to the government’s recommendation.

Mason Korea Emergency, Health and Safety will continue to provide self-test kits and support for quarantine.  If you have any questions, please contact EHS at or 032-626-5013.

(Update: 2023-08-18)