Chul Kim, Ph.D.

Visiting Associate Professor


Phone: 032-626-5140
Office Location: G744


Dr. Chul Kim has joined George Mason University Korea as a Visiting Associate Professor of arts and sciences.  He received a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from Yonsei University in 1984; a master’s of science degree in applied mathematics from North Carolina State University in 1987; and a PhD in 1989.  Since then, Dr. Kim has had full-time teaching positions at Shaw University, University of South Dakota, Kwangwoon University, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Daegu Gyoungbuk Institute of Science and Technology, and Ryerson University, Toronto.   Dr. Kim has also been a visiting scholar at the University of British Columbia, Pyoungyang University of Science and Technology, and Tienjin University, China.

His research interests span both applied mathematics and IT security.  His book, “Introduction of Cryptography”, was published in Korea in 1996.  In recent years, Dr. Kim has focused on evaluation modeling on security mechanism.  Also, he has been interested in methodology on evaluation for university admission.  His book, “Introduction to Holistic Evaluation for University Admissions,” published in 2011, was also the first such specialized book in Korea.

While at Ryerson University, Dr. Kim was the recipient of Teaching Excellence Awards in 2005 and 2015.