May 14, 2018

Faculty and Staff

George Mason University Korea has attracted excellent faculty and staff members who are both highly qualified and motivated to serve the university and its global vision.

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Daniel Walsch, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Heung Gweon Sin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Inman Song, Ph.D. Visiting Professor
Jennifer Algarotti, Ph.D. Lecturer
Jenny Lee, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Program Coordinator
Jongwon Nam, M.B.A. Lecturer
Kent Zimmerman, J.D. Assistant Professor, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Leo Jung, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Syed Jamal Haider, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Vias Nicolaides, Ph.D. Assistant Professor



Hak Kil Pyo, Ph.D. Visiting Professor
Jang C. Jin, Ph.D. Professor
Soojong Kwak, Ph.D. Lecturer


Global Affairs

Jason Morris, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Soyoung Kwon, Ph.D. Assistant Professor


Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Borislava Manojlovic, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
John Crist, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Roland Wilson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Laine Munir  Research Fellow


Arts and Sciences

Chul Kim, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Claude Drolet, M.A. Lecturer
Gail Hook, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty
George Whelan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Gyu Tag Lee, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
John Garnett, Ph.D. Lecturer
Lester Kurtz, Ph.D. Professor


Modern and Classical Languages

ChangGyo Ryu, Ph.D. Lecturer
Hyang Lee, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Marcos Borges Marquez, M.A. Lecturer
Yingji Jin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator



Alice Wrigglesworth, M.A. Assistant Professor
Hyunyoung Cho, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator
Peter Magellan, M.F.A. Assistant Professor


English for Academic Purposes

Andrea K. Zach, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor
Eunmee Lee, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Eun Hee Seo, Ed.D. Lecturer, Program Coordinator
Jason Kifer, M.A. Lecturer


Systems Engineering

Insub Shin, Ph.D. Associate Professor




Office of the Executive  Administration

Crystal Seo Manager of the Office of the Executive  Administration
Conny Kwak Administrative Specialist



Hyun Jung Kim Administrative Specialist to Dean’s Office
Jeannie Choi Manager of Government Relations and Institutional Partnership
HeeTae Kim Manager of Facilities Management
Alicia Suh Manager of Facilities Planning and Development
Eric Lee Manager of Information Techonology Services
Daniel Mutiso Information Technology Technician


Finance & Planning

Janet Jang Associate Director of Accounting & Finance
Lea Joo Student Accounts and Fiscal Coordinator
Hyojeong Lim Senior Fiscal Coordinator
Wonki Hwangbo Associate Director of HR


Academic Affairs

John Crist Dean of Academic Affairs
Jiye Chang Associate Director of Academic Affairs
Sharon Kim Chief Academic Advisor
Won Seok Park Academic Services Specialist
Keira Lee Faculty Coordinator


Student Affairs & Career Development

Yorgun Marcel Dean of Student Affairs
Sang Yong Lee Associate Director of Student Services and Career Development Center
Mihee Cho Student Life Coordinator
Hannah Park Campus & Office Coordinator
Jan Lee Counselor and Wellness Officer


Admissions and Enrollment

Kelley E. Chung Associate Director of International Admissions and Enrollment Management
Jessica Lim Senior International Admissions Counselor
Sarah Kim International Admissions Counselor
Sean Lee Admissions Counselor
Joshua Song Admissions Counselor
Mindy Park Communication and PR Specialist
June Jung Manager of Admissions and Enrollment


External Affairs

Daeyup Yoo Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives