Some academic actions or decisions will require you to submit various forms with appropriate signatures obtained from university officials. Completed forms should be submitted to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs to be processed. Students are highly recommended to contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and have consultation before submitting the form.

All forms submitted are normally processed in two to three business days, not including the date received.  There are several peak periods, (priority registration period etc.) when processing time may take longer.


Consent to Release Student Information (FERPA Form)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that prevents Mason from releasing certain information from a student’s record without his/her consent. Student records may include admission, registration, academic, financial aid and student account information. Students may give permission to release FERPA protected student information by completing and signing Consent to Release Student Information Form. Students may submit this form to the the Office of Academic and Student Affairs in-person with a photo ID or via their Mason email


Change/Declaration of Academic Program

Students who wish to change or declare their academic program need to contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and fill out a Change/Declaration of Academic Program. The form can be used not only to change/declare one’s major but also the concentration and catalog year. The process requires an approval from the advisor in major program to which the student wishes to transfer. Students must meet their academic advisors before the form submission. Students in GMU Korea can change/declare their academic program after completing their first semester.


Credit Overload

In exceptional circumstances, students may request an overload of the maximum credit hours allowed to undergraduate students. Freshmen and transfer students in their first semesters are not permitted overload permission as they have yet to establish an academic history at George Mason University.

In order to be considered for an overload, students must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Successfully completed the prior semester and have met the minimum cumulative GPA requirement set by the department.
    – School of Business: 3.0 or higher.
    – College of Humanity and Social Science: 2.5 or higher.
  • Have demonstrated the ability to handle a heavy course load in a previous semester with no grades less than a “C”.
  • Have no remaining incompletes (IN’s) from a previous semester.

Requests for overloads are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Signed Credit Overload form must be submitted to the Office of the Academic and Student Affairs before students can register for more than 18 credits.


Time Conflict

The university does not typically permit students to register for courses that are scheduled to meet at concurrent times or that overlap in meeting times. In order to register for a course that results in a time conflict of 15 minutes or less, follow the instructions below. Complete all information on the Time Conflict form and obtain signatures from both instructors. Submit the completed form to the Office of the Academic and Student Affairs located by the last day to add for the semester.


Substitution/Waiver Form

Substitution/Waiver form is to request that a requirement in an academic program be met by: 1) a transfer course even though not considered equivalent to a Mason course, or 2) a Mason course not usually applied to meet the requirement.  Also to request that, on some clearly-detailed basis, a requirement in the student’s academic program be waived.  (Does not waive or give credit hours.)


Study Elsewhere

Once enrolled in degree-seeking status at GMU Korea, students may request permission to take a limited number of credits at another accredited degree-granting Korean institution. These credits count towards a student’s lifetime limit on study elsewhere credits.


Leave of Absence

All undergraduate students who are planning an absence from George Mason must consult with the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and submit a formal request. Students do not need to complete the Leave of Absence form if they are participating in a George Mason University sponsored study abroad program or have received permission to study elsewhere.


To submit Leave of Absence form, a student must:
– Be eligible to register for classes
– Be a degree-seeking undergraduate student
– Be registered during the semester immediately prior to the beginning of the Leave of Absence
– Have no holds (e.g., disciplinary, financial, etc.) which would restrict registration

  • The maximum time allowed for a Leave of Absence is two years.
  • A new admission application will be required if a student is away for more than two academic years. Re-admission is not guaranteed.
  • Prior approval is required. Advisors approve one-semester requests. Advisor and Dean approval is required if the leave of absence requested is for more than one semester.
  • Students are not permitted to study elsewhere while on a Leave of Absence.
  • A student who was admitted as a new first semester freshman or transfer student but did not attend will not be eligible for a Leave of Absence. Instead, he or she must contact Undergraduate Admissions.
  • A student who was re-admitted but did not attend will not be eligible for a Leave of Absence. He or she must contact Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Requests for extensions on a previously submitted Leave of Absence require submission of a new Leave of Absence form.



Students who have been away from the university who either did not submit a leave of absence form, or were ineligible for leave of absence, and who have been away for less than two years must re-enroll in order to register for courses. This can be done by submitting an Undergraduate Application for Re-enrollment form to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs after having the form signed by an advisor.

However, if a student has below a 2.00 cumulative GPA or was on academic suspension when he or she left, then the re-enrollment request must be reviewed by the Dean of Academic Affairs after obtaining the advisor’s signature. Students who were on suspension when last at Mason must submit an Academic Advisor Approval Form along with the this form. Course selection for the requested semester must also be submitted with this form.

Re-enrolling will update a student’s degree requirements to the latest catalog term. If a student’s advisor believes that this change will create an obstacle towards graduation, then the advisor can submit a Change/Declaration of Academic Program form indicating a change back to the original term to the Registrar’s office.

Please note that any re-enrollment request received by the Office of Academic and Student Affairs less than two weeks before the first day of courses may be denied. Student must apply for re-admission through the Office of Admissions and Enrollment, instead of re-enrollment, if any of the following conditions are true:

  • The student has not been enrolled at Mason for more than 2 years and an approved Leave of Absence form is not on file.
  • The student is an undergraduate returning after any absence during which he or she studied at another institution without prior written permission of his or her school or college. Such students must reapply as transfer students.
  • The student was suspended or dismissed from any college or university for nonacademic reasons.
  • The student was academically dismissed from Mason.
  • The student was ever convicted of a felony.





George Mason University Korea provides various documentation and certification services for the students. Please take a look at the instructions below carefully for your information.


Enrollment Verification in English

Please send an email to the Office of the University Registrar at to request Enrollment Verification in English. Title of the email should be “Enrollment Verification Request” with your name, G number. Please note that it may take at least one day for your request to be processed.


Enrollment Verification in Korean

Please send an email to the Office of Academic and Student Affair’s at to request Enrollment Verification in Korean.  Title of the email should be “Enrollment Verification ” with your name, G number, major and copy of your passport (photo page).  Please that note it may take at least one day for your request to be processed. Please indicate whether you want the document by email or pick-up in the email as well.  For pick-up, the office will contact you regarding the pick-up time. This document does contain student’s major.


Official Transcript

Please log-in to Patriot Web. Under Student Services, click on Student Records and select Order Official Transcript.


Tuition Receipt

Please send an email to the finance office at requesting a tuition receipt with your name, G number, and the email address that would be used to receive your receipt.  Students will receive the receipt by email. Please contact the finance office regarding any tuition related questions at or/and (032)626-5011.