Four-Year Plans


The following links contain four-year schedules covering all of the mandatory requirements for each major offered at George Mason University (GMU) Korea:

* Updated as of October 20, 2017.
* You can build your own plan using a blank four-year plan template at here.


Please be aware that GMU Korea’s course scheduling is largely influenced by the first five semesters in each of the four-year plans. This is done in an effort to create a conflict-free schedule for each discipline offered at GMU Korea. The four-year plans are subject to change.

For the most updated program requirements, policies, etc., please visit the University Catalog.


Mason Core and Foundation Course Offerings

The following Mason Core and Foundation requirements may be satisfied by the following respective courses offered in Spring 2017 at GMU Korea:

  • Fine Arts: MUSI 102.
  • Global Understanding: BUS 200; GLOA 101; and GOVT 133.
  • Information Technology: IT 104.
  • Literature: ENGH 201.
  • Natural Sciences: EVPP 201 (non-lab).
  • Oral Communication: COMM 100.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: MATH 108; and MATH 113.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences: BUS 100; CONF 101; ECON 103; and ECON 104.
  • Western Civilization/World History: HIST 125.
  • Written Communication* I: ENGH 100; and ENGH 101.
  • Written Communication* II: ENGH 302.

*Please be aware that Written Communication has three requirements. The first requirement is satisfied by either ENGH 100 or 101, the second is satisfied by ENGH 302, and the third is satisfied by an approved writing-intensive course in the respective major (e.g., ECON 345, EVPP 337, or MGMT 313).