“Chingu” in Korean means “friend” in English. To help you transition to your life in Songdo and George Mason University Korea, the Chingu connects new international students with returning students. This helps provide each new international student with a friendly face, helping hand, and their first Songdo friendship, which may make a world of difference to a new student. Chingu can also offer linguistic support, cultural guidance, and information about life at George Mason University Korea. The goals of the Chingus are to both develop ties between international and local students, and facilitate the integration of international students into Korean society.

Meet Your Chingu Board

MK Chingu

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Opening A Bank Account

Current & Past Events

  • Incheon Tour Bus
  • Palace Tour, Seoul
  • Everland 
  • Yeouido Flower Festival
  • Peter Pet Cafe, Songdo
  • Bamdokkaebi Night Market

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