Taekwondo Contest Held at George Mason University

George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, Virginia successfully held a President’s Taekwondo contest on June 3, where participants boasted their taekwondo skills on campus. GMU also announced its plan to establish a Taekwondo Business Center with Kukkiwon, a World Taekwondo Headquarters located in Korea. The center is expected to share strategies on managing Taekwondo centers and to deliver the sport techniques to its members.


Seoul Economics Daily Interviews President Steven K. Lee

George Mason University (GMU) Korea President Steven K. Lee said that youth should gain diverse experiences on an international scale, especially when it is difficult to secure a job in Korea. In an interview with Seoul Economics Daily on May 25, President Lee said that GMU Korea will soon establish a program whereby students, following completion of their studies at GMU Korea, can enroll with preferred admissions into select graduate schools.


Multiple Faculty and Student Support and Research Centers Open on Mason Day

George Mason University (GMU) Korea opened its Academic Resource Center, Career Development Center, and the Center for Collaborative Research and Funded Project on May 26. Respectively, the three new centers will support students with their studies, supervise internship opportunities and job fairs as well as employment, and support the research activities of GMU Korea’s distinguished professors.


Joyce Msuya from World Bank Group Korea Delivers Lecture on Mason Day

Special Representative Joyce Msuya of World Bank Group (WBG) Korea delivered a lecture at George Mason University (GMU) Korea on May 26. As a part of the school’s annual event, Mason Day, the WBG representative presented on the topic of “Higher Education for Development” to GMU Korea students. Special Representative Msuya’s lecture shared her experiences gained from research and projects aimed at shared prosperity and resolving poverty. She noted that Korea’s education system is serving as a good example to neighboring countries.


2017 Fall Info Session to be held at Gangnam COEX

George Mason University (GMU) Korea will hold an information session on May 27, Saturday. The event will be at COEX South #307, a convention center at Gangnam, Seoul, from 2pm to 5pm.
Students and parents interested in enrollment can learn about GMU Korea and also meet enrolled students and professors. One-on-one admission counseling is also available for prospective students. In addition, participants can learn more about the new major, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, which is opening from this coming 2017 Fall semester.


GMU Korea Students to Visit Headquarters of the United Nations

George Mason University (GMU) Korea students will visit the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) for a week to experience the system of an international organization. Including undergraduates from GMU Korea, students from 16 universities in Korea will travel to New York as a group. The students will meet diplomats and UN officials and take part in training sessions. The program dispatches students to the United States from August 21 to 25.


GMU Korea to Develop Ties with Korean Universities

George Mason University (GMU) Korea President Steven Lee recently visited several Korean universities including Sungkyunkwan University, Sookmyung Women’s University, University of Seoul, and Konkuk University. GMU Korea aims to build better relationships and partnerships with local universities. Through one-on-one meetings with each university’s leadership officials, the institutions intend to provide diverse experiences to the students of both universities.


Students Grow and Learn as Global Leaders at GMU Korea

George Mason University (GMU) Korea President Steven Lee said in an interview with U.S. Korea Times that the strength of GMU Korea is that the students can experience diversity throughout university life. “Students take courses and engage with people not only in Korea, but also in the U.S. where they meet people from all around the world,” he said. President Lee also said that the university is granting a wider range of scholarships, especially to students with academic potential and demonstrated leadership.


GMU Korea Differentiates Itself from Korean Universities

Top foreign universities in Songdo are gaining more popularity as high school students interested in getting jobs overseas are increasing. George Mason University (GMU) Korea student Seri Park said that she enrolled in GMU Korea because the university’s character is different from that of Korean universities. She said: “GMU Korea students study is based upon a U.S. university curriculum. While being in Korea, they also experience an educational environment where students and professors are like a big family.”


GMU Korea and Ewha Womans University to Establish Partnership

George Mason University (GMU) Korea President Steven Lee and Ewha Womans University (Ewha) Acting President Deok-su Song met on April 28. The two universities agreed to develop student and faculty partnerships between their campuses. In the meeting between GMU Korea and Ewha, the two school heads discussed future plans including student exchange programs, research collaborations between professors, and additional opportunities for partnership.


GMU Korea Adds Two New Programs Including “Conflict Analysis and Resolution”

George Mason University (GMU) Korea’s new Bachelor’s degree program “Conflict Analysis and Resolution” and Master’s degree program “Systems Engineering” were approved by the Ministry of Education. Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CAR) is a unique and highly sought after program, and the first of its kind in East Asia. CAR incorporates theory, research, and practice needed to look at a diverse range of issues and conflicts facing our global society between individuals, groups, organizations, communities and states. Conflict Analysis and Resolution will begin accepting freshman from 2017 Fall semester and Systems Engineering will accept applications starting with the 2018 Spring semester.

It is the first time for a Conflict Analysis and Resolution program to open in Korea. Through the curriculum, students conduct studies on diverse problems and conflicts in the global society, ranging from individuals, groups, organizations, and communities. In the same line, the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at GMU has provided consulting to the United Nations, US Department of State, USAID, and rolling out diplomatic activities for civil peace.


Youth from Donghae City to Receive Global Education at GMU Korea

George Mason University (GMU) Korea signed an MOU with Donghae City, located in Kangwon province, to widen the range of local middle school and high school students studies on a global scale. Signed on April 18, the MOU establishes that GMU Korea will provide opportunities for international exchange to Donghae City students. GMU Korea will offer Donghae City students education programs, foreign college visits, and more. “We look forward to making the youth in our city prepared for the globalized world,” the Donghae City mayor said at the MOU signing event.


GMU Korea Takes Part in IGC-Incheon City-SMBA “Global Startup Campus”

Through an MOU signed between Small and Medium Business Administration of Incheon City, and Incheon Global Campus, George Mason University (GMU) Korea was recognized as a part of the “Global Startup Campus”. The signing ceremony on April 7 marked the beginning of the signing partners’ work to boost venture startup businesses that target the global market. The Global Startup Campus is also a part of Incheon City’s aim to produce more jobs for youth in the city.


GMU Korea to Hold “International English Speech Competition”

George Mason University (GMU) Korea is recruiting secondary school students for participation in the campus’s upcoming International English Speech Competition. The annual, international contest is jointly run with the George Mason University Institute of Forensics (GMIF), a highly recognized teaching institution that trains and inspires public speakers from all over the United States and the world. The competition marks its second year after first taking place in 2016.

The English-language speech competition will take place on the GMU Korea campus from July 30 to August 4, 2017. To apply for the preliminary round of the competition, interested students must submit videos discussing the topic “What can the US and ROK do to protect each other from DPRK aggression?” by May 15.


GMU Korea Holds Korea-US FTA 5th Anniversary Seminar with Incheon Customs Headquarter

George Mason University (GMU) Korea held a special seminar marking the fifth anniversary of the Korea-U.S Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on March 15. The event took place on the campus of GMU Korea with the university’s support and was hosted by Incheon Customs Headquarter.

GMU Korea President Steven Lee, the Director of Incheon Customs Headquarter, the Manager of Korea-US FTA at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and many more specialists in the international trade field participated in the event.


GMU Korea Holds 2017 Convocation for New Students

George Mason University (GMU) Korea held a Spring 2017 enrollment ceremony on March 3, where 102 new students marked the beginning of their university life.

GMU Korea’s student number climbed 13 percent compared to the previous semester of Fall 2016, and has grown 900 percent since the university was established in 2014. “GMU Korea is the fastest growing foreign university in Korea. Students who became a part of the Mason family will be able to go after their dreams with the best opportunities,” President Steven Lee said.


GMU Korea Partners with IBK

George Mason University (GMU) Korea signed an MOU with the Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) on February 15, 2017. The signing, which took place on the GMU Korea campus, recognizes IBK as the primary bank of GMU Korea and confirms that the bank will provide scholarships for future students.


Economics Professor Kwak Delivers Lecture at Daegu Chamber of Commerce Seminar

Professor Soojong Kwak, from the George Mason University (GMU) Korea economics department, spoke on “Global and Korean economy, challenge for the 10 years to come,” at the Daegu Chamber of Commerce seminar on February 8, 2017.

At the 213th Seminar of the “21st Century Daegu Economic Forum,” Dr. Kwak emphasized that the four years to come will be a turning point in the economy. During his lecture, Dr. Kwak noted that the global and Korean economy is changing in a ten year cycle, and he provided an outlook of the next ten years to come.


President Lee Emphasizes Role of Global University at Educators Conference

George Mason University (GMU) Korea President Steven K. Lee delivered a special lecture at the Korean Association of International Educators (KAIE) conference on February 2, 2017. President Lee shared his ideas on how universities should take part in accelerating global exchange, especially in the field of education.

President Lee also discussed the important role of GMU Korea as a global university in Korea.


GMU Korea Students Travel Abroad to Study at USA Main Campus for a Year

Students from George Mason University (GMU) Korea recently traveled to the USA to study at the Fairfax campus, located in Virginia. This Spring 2017 semester is the fourth time for GMU Korea to send students to Fairfax, where the students will study advanced coursework in their majors through the campuses’ shared curriculum.

The 16 students beginning their year of studies at the Fairfax campus include nine students majoring in Global Affairs, six in Business, and one in Accounting.


PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Partners with GMU Korea

Students of George Mason University (GMU) Korea will volunteer at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. According to a January 20 announcement by the PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympics, GMU Korea students will volunteer along with three other Incheon Global Campus (IGC) universities.

Through an MOU signed between the four IGC universities and Lee Hee-beom, President of the PyeongChang Organizing Committee, students will assist the international sports event by greeting and guiding athletes and key members at the Incheon International Airport. The signing parties view it as an opportunity for students to take part in a global event.


Prospective Students Learn About GMU Korea at 2017 Open House

George Mason University (GMU) Korea will hold an Open House event on January 14, 2017. Students and parents interested in GMU Korea can learn about the application and enrollment procedures. At the three-hour event, prospective applicants can meet current students and professors, tour the campus, and receive advice on the application process.

The event will take place at GMU Korea’s Global Lounge from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The event is open to both high school and transfer students interested in 2017 spring and fall enrollment.


GMU Korea Provides Cross-Cultural Experiences to Students

According to George Mason University (GMU) Korea President Steven Lee, one of GMU Korea’s strengths is the sharing of cultures of both the United States and South Korea.

“Students bond with many international students on the Songdo and Virginia campuses and also have the opportunity to do internships in the U.S.,” President Lee said in an interview with The Korea Times and Korea Daily. President Lee noted that scholarships are granted to a large group of students, regardless of their nationalities.


GMU Korea Partners with U.S. Newspaper and Confers Advisory Board Appointments

George Mason University (GMU) Korea signed an MOU on December 28, 2016 with Town News, a United States newspaper with a Korean readership. The agreement will help to provide information on education to South Koreans living in the United States. According to GMU Korea President Steven Lee, South Korean students and parents in the U.S. will be able to learn more about GMU Korea and university enrollment.

In addition to the signing, four individuals were conferred in two appointment ceremonies as President’s Advisory Board (PAB) members and Chairs of Institutional Advancement. Soo Yoo, Governing Board Member of ABC Unified School District, and Amy Munn, District Supervisor of ESL/Bilingual/World Languages in New Jersey, were appointed as PAB members. Chang Hai Ahn, Commissioner of City of Miranda, and Justin Ju, CPA/Partner, were named as Chairs of Institutional Advancement.

Several PAB members, the city mayor, council members, commissioners, and school district and college district board members took part in the event.


GMU Korea Signs MOU with South Korea-U.S. Tax Forum

George Mason University (GMU) Korea signed an MOU with the South Korea-U.S. Tax Forum. Signed on December 19, 2016, the MOU aims to provide accounting experiences to GMU Korea students in the United States and to increase connections between the two organizations.

According to GMU Korea President Stevent Lee, the MOU will enable GMU Korea students to work as interns at U.S. law firms, private attorneys’ offices, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and additional related businesses.


Virginia Governor Discusses United States/South Korea Business at GMU Korea Breakfast Roundtable Event

The Governor of Virginia and the President of George Mason University (GMU) Korea shared ideas on how to strengthen the business ties between Virginia and South Korea.

Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe and GMU Korea President Steven Lee promised to boost entry of South Korean entrepreneurs to Virginia during their business breakfast roundtable at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on November 16, 2016. President Lee said he expects GMU Korea to play a role in linking the two countries and contributing to the Incheon economy.