GMU Korea Today


This communique has been created to provide us with a dynamic way to remain better connected with all members of the GMU Korea community, including key education, corporate and public servant leaders throughout our region and South Korea as well as in the United States. The more we interact and share information, the stronger will be our ties and the better able GMU Korea will remain an important part of your lives.

The newsletter also enables us to provide you in a timely manner with greater insight into decisions we are and will be making regarding academic programming, public events and the achievements of our faculty and students. It is one of our institution’s core objectives to play a leading role in the advancement of our immediate region and all of South Korea. With your active and ongoing support, we can achieve this together.

Please check out the latest issue at the links below.

   Edition 1 – October 2016

   Edition 2 – November 2016

   Edition 3 – December 2016

   Edition 4 – January/February 2017

   Edition 5 – March 2017

   Edition 6 – April 2017

   Edition 7 – May 2017

   Edition 8 – June 2017

   Edition 9 – July/August 2017

   Edition 10 – September 2017

   Edition 11 – October 2017

   Edition 12 – November 2017