International Student Support


George Mason University Korea provides support to international students to help them adjust to life in Songdo, Korea and to ensure that students stay in Korea with proper legal boundary complying with the laws and regulations set by Korea Immigration Office. Students are responsible for keeping track of the immigration status such as their visa type, allowed activities, regulations and expiry date. Please read the paragraphs below carefully for your information. You may find more information on Korean Immigration website at (IE only)


Certificate of Admission

Upon admission, you will need to contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and request your Certificate of Admission form, which you will need to take to the Korea Embassy or Consulate in your country to apply for a Student visa(D-2). Please submit following documents to After reviewing the documents, university will send you Letter of Acceptance, Certificate of Admission and Business Registration Certificate of Mason Korea.

  1. Copy of passport identification page
  2. Certificate of Financial Responsibility
  3. Bank Statement
    * If your parents are sponsoring you financially, Birth Certificate is required to be submitted with the Bank Statement in order to prove the relationship between you and your sponsor.


Student Visa (D-2) Application

Students will need to contact the Korea Embassy or Consulate in their country to apply for a Student visa(D-2). Below are basic required documents for the application. Documents may be added or exempted as needed at the discretion of the immigration officer in charge of individual review processes. Students are highly recommended to contact Korean embassy, consulate, or Immigration Office near you and check out student visa application process in order to avoid unexpected inconvenience.

  1. Application Form (Available at the Korea Embassy or Korean Immigration Office)
  2. Copy of passport identification page
  3. Passport Photo (Color, 3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  4. (for incoming Freshmen) Certificate of Admission, Letter of Admission and High School Transcript
    (for Fairfax campus student) Certificate of Enrollment and Offical Mason Transcript
  5. Business Registration Certificate(Mason Korea)
  6. Bank Statement
    * If your parents are sponsoring you financially, Birth Certificate is required to be submitted with the Bank Statement in order to prove the relationship between you and your sponsor.
  7. Administration Fee


Arriving GMU Korea

Please check out the Academic Calendar and plan your travel accordingly. Once you have fixed travel plan, please send your travel itinerary and the copy of your flight ticket to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs at Spring 2017 semester of George Mason University Korea will start on Monday, March 6th. Students are strongly recommended to arrive at least one week before the first day of the term. For freshmen, it is mandatory to attend student orientation activities which is usually scheduled a week ahead of the first day of the term.

University campus is 20-30 minute away from Incheon International Airport by automobile. To help students to arrive on campus, we would like to suggest the two options below.

  • Option 1. Call Van
    Van driver will wait for you at the reception lounge and take you straight to the GMU Korea campus. To arrange the service, please send email to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs at with your travel itinerary at least 3 days before your departure. We will get back to you with the reservation details. The charge will range from KRW 55,000 – 65,000 ($50 – 60). You can pay the fee to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs later on.
  • Option 2. Taxi
    There are plenty of taxies waiting outside of the airport. Show the address below to your driver.
    – 인천광역시 연수구 송도문화로 119 인천글로벌캠퍼스 기숙사 B동
    – Student Dormitory Building B, Songdomunhwa-ro 119, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea


When you arrive on campus, please find GMU Korea building in Zone 3 of Incheon Global Campus. The Office of Academic and Student Affairs is located on the 5th floor of the building (G536). If you can use your smartphone application, please download the called ‘Kakao Talk’ and add “wpark6” as your friend so that you reach out for assistance on campus.

  • Free Wifi on campus. (SSID: IGC_User / ID: mkguest / PW: 87654321)


Due to housing office regulation, students are allowed to move-in to their dormitory between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM during the move-in period specified by housing office. Please contact IGC Housing Office at for details.


Immigration Check-in

All international students must report to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs with their passport no later than the first day of class posted on Academic Calendar. Both new students and returning students are required to show up with their passport.

During the check-in, the office will report your arrival to Korean Immigration and check out your visa compliance in order to make sure that you can stay in Korea within proper legal boundary. New students with the fresh D-2 visa are required to bring their two passport-sized color photos and KRW 30,000 in cash to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs in order to be registered at Korean Immigration Office.

To comply fully with Ministry of Education in Korea, international students are required to purchase 4 months insurance plan. The insurance is reimbursement-based plan for GMU Korea students with relatively reasonable rate ($90 – $110 for 4 months). Please contact to start the purchase process.

Student who already have valid insurance plan to cover their stay in Korea must submit its verification to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs by the end of first week of the semester.

Please note that the check-in is mandatory for both new students and returning students with D-2 visa. Checking-in is not necessary if you are Overseas Koreans(재외동포) with F-4 visa.


Alien Registration

Korean Immigration Law requires all foreigners be registered properly at the governmental authorities. Office of Academic and Student Affairs will make a detailed announcement for Alien Registration process each semester. Students will need to visit the Office of Academic and Student Affairs with following items.

  1. Application Form
  2. Passport
  3. Two recent color Photos in standard passport size
  4. Certificate of Enrollment in Korean
  5. Proof of Residency
  6. Administration Fee (KRW 30,000, Cash only)
  7. Tuberculosis (TB) Test Certificate in Korean (If required)
    * List of countries that requires submission of TB Test Certificate
    Nepal, East Timor, Russia, Malaysia, Mongol, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka,
    Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines

Alien registration process takes approximately two to three weeks to be completed. After the process has been completed, you will receive your Alien Registration Card which is a legal identification material as a foreigner and you must carry it with you while you’re staying in Korea.


Extension of Stay

Students who are approaching to the date of their visa expiry must apply for Extension of Stay by submitting items below to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs in person. Application must be submitted at least one month before the expiry of student visa.

  1. Application Form
  2. Alien Registration Card
  3. Certificate of Enrollment in Korean
  4. Official Transcript
  5. Certificate of Tuition Payment
    * Bank Statement may be required if you are in a probationary status.
  6. Proof of Residency
  7. Administration Fee (KRW 60,000, Cash only)


Leave of Absence

All international students who have taken leave of absence from the university must leave the country within 15 days from the day of the application. So as to be aware and well informed of the problems that may arise regarding the leave, foreign students are advised to receive counseling from the Office of Academic and Student Affairs prior to the application.

  1. You must surrender your alien registration card to the Immigration officer when leaving the country.
  2. Those who wish to return to the university must register during the period specified by Academic Calendar and receive Certificate of Admission by contacting the Office of Academic and Student Affairs in order to apply for a new student visa.


Work Permit

Under the Korean Law and regulation set by Ministry of Justice, international students with D-2 visa are allowed to work as a part-timer no more than 20 hours per week during semester. There is no work hour limitation on weekends, holidays and semester break. To acquire a work permit, students are required to submit documents listed below to Korea Immigration Service.

  1. Employment Report signed by the university officials
  2. Official Transcript
  3. Business Registration Certificate of the employer

Before the submission, students must review the documents with university officials at the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and get signature on the report form. Students are allowed to submit documents through Korea Immigration Service website. The request may not be approved if the employment is considered to be taking higher priority over academic responsibilities of the student. For more details, please contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs at Also, student who wish work must comply with the academic policy of George Mason University. According to “AP.1.2 Academic Load” section of GMU Academic Policy.


Reporting Address Change

When international student changed his/her address, it should be reported to the Korean immigration office within 14 days. Please note that if you do not report the change of your address within 14 days, a fine may be charged. Students can visit the Office of Academic and Student Affairs in person to report their change of address. To be processed, you will need to submit the proof of your new address along with your alien registration card.


Medical Insurance for Foreigners

National Health Insurance Service provides insurance benefits for foreigners as same as for Korean citizens. The insurance service will cover 80% of medical expenses for hospitalizations and 50-70% of medical expenses for out-patient visits. Almost every medical institution in Korea accepts the patient with NHIS insurance. Simply visiting medical institution with alien registration card will get you covered.

According to NHIS customer center, average amount of insurance fee is KWR 95,000 per month. The exact fee depends on your current age, heath status, etc. In order to be enrolled as a beneficiary, you need to visit the nearest NHIS branch office with your alien registration card, passport, and certificate of enrollment. Please note that only those who stay more than three months in Korea will be eligible to be enrolled.

If you’re looking for options at a lower rate with limited coverage, there are few private insurance agencies operating in Korea. An agency called ‘Seimnuri’ provides their services in English. Please visit the agency’s website and check out their insurance policy carefully. On the website you will be able to inquire the estimated monthly price online. Private insurance can only reimburse what you have already paid to medical institution. Payment guarantee is possible but limited to affiliated hospitals only. Please refer to the attached ‘Seimnuri International Student Insurance Guide’.

Under the regulation of Korea Ministry of Justice and Korea Immigration Service, it is strongly recommended for all international students in Korea to have valid medical insurance plan for their own safety. Except for those who have already submitted the verification, all international students must purchase and submit insurance verification to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.