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[Important Update]

As of May 26, 2020

The following new policy applies to all D-2 visa holders and long-term foreign residents. Please prepare your required medical documents before your departure from Korea.

The government of Korea has implemented enhanced health measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Effective June 1st, foreigners who are long term residents of the Republic of Korea (ROK) will be required to obtain a re-entry permit prior to departing for international travel. The permits are available at immigration offices, airports, and port offices. The cost is 30,000 won and the re-entry permit is valid for one year. Failure to apply for a re-entry permit prior to departure will result in the cancellation of the traveler’s ROK Alien Registration.

Additionally as of June 1st, foreign long-term residents of the ROK will be required to provide a medical certificate or negative COVID-19 test before boarding flights to Korea.  The certificate must be in English or Korean and signed by a medical professional within 48 hours of departure; it should include information about fever, cough, and other potential symptoms confirming that the patient is free of symptoms associated with the Coronavirus. 

While a negative COVID-19 test result is accepted for immigration, it is not a requirement for it to be included in the medical certificate.

Overseas Korean (F-4) status do not need to apply for re-entry permits or provide medical certificates when returning to Korea.

For detailed information on the re-entry permit and medical certificate, please call 1345 (ROK Immigration Contact Center) or visit the official website: Note that ROK immigration policies are subject to change with little advance notice.

 Actions to Take:


Pre-Departure - Before Arrival

What should I do to prepare for my D-2 visa? 

You would need to contact the nearest Korean Embassy/Consulate to apply for your D-2 visa. 

As of May 6, 2020, there have been changes to the D-2 visa application process and procedures due to COVID-19 pandemic. The Korean Embassy in Washington, DC now requires a medical health form to be completed by a certified medical professional to arrange for a visa appointment.

The following responses have been provided by the Korean Consulate in Washington, D.C., USA. 

  1. What is the Novel Coronavirus Health Condition Report Form

    Students would need to submit both the Novel Coronavirus Health Condition Report Form and doctor's letter to apply for visa. Health form can be written by the applicant

  2. When should the student visit the doctor to get the medical form completed?

    It is up to your visa application timeline. Please have the physician check the patient at least 48 hours prior to visa application submission. The visa should be applied within 3 weeks in advance from the departure date.

  3. For the visa application, is this the only medical requirement that is needed by students applying for the D-2 visa?

    Yes. However, please note that once your D-2 visa is approved, additional medical requirements exist prior to your departure for Korea.

    Please also note that, there are additional non-medical related forms required when applying for a Korean  visa during the COVID pandemic. Self-quarantine agreement form is required for long-term stay(90 days + stay) visa applicants.

Please visit the following link for the D-2 visa required documents and application process: D-2 Visa

How can I apply for housing on the IGC campus?

The Fall 2020 IGC Housing application period will begin July 13, 2020 and end on July 24, 2020. More detailed information will be shared to your email address. Please check your email for the latest and up-to-date information.

Required Documents: 
IGC Housing will need to receive the following documents in order to complete and be considered for room assignment. 

  • Chest X-Ray TB Test Result
    • If you are unable to submit your Chest X-Ray TB Test as part of the IGC Housing application, you must attach the following form as a part of your IGC Housing's Proof of Chest X-Ray TB Test. The Chest X-Ray Exemption Form will accept students to receive the Chest X-Ray TB Test in Korea before checking in to their originally assigned room. 

      Fall 2020_Chest X-Ray Exemption Form

  • Proof of Payment Receipt
    • All students are required to submit the proof of payment of the IGC housing fee. 

What should I do if I cannot pay the housing fee via international wire transfer?

If there are extenuating circumstances in which the student is unable to pay the housing fee via international wire transfer. There are several options that you may consider:

Option 1: Western Union 

There is a Western Union in Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) near our campus and GMU Korea works with IBK.

More information: Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK)

Industrial Bank of Korea
12 Gaetbeol Ro
Songdo Techno Park Branch
Yeonsugu, Incheon 21999

Once you wire transfer to the Western Union, you may visit Industrial Bank of Korea to pick up the cash and wire transfer to the IGC Housing bank account provided on the IGC Housing poster.

IGC Housing Payment Instructions:

Wire transfer (Korean Bank Only)

   ① Bank Name: Industrial Bank of Korea(IBK)

   ② Account number: 472-018142-04-023

   ③ Account holder: Incheon Global Campus Foundation(IGCF)

Western Union may charge a fee of approximately USD$ 20-40. It is best advised to contact the Western Union to see what the process is given the current circumstance.

Option 2: ATM 

We would recommend contacting your local bank in advance to increase the total amount and increase the daily allowable amount that can be withdrawn internationally. Otherwise, you would have to withdraw the funds over several days as there tends to be daily limits on cash withdrawals made internationally of around USD$200-300.

What documents & items must I prepare before boarding the airplane? 

[IMPORTANT] Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all D-2 visa holders are required to complete a medical examination 48 hours prior to boarding the flight attesting that they are COVID-19 symptom-free.

Required Documents:

  • Valid passport 
  • D-2 Visa stamped in passport
  • A copy of the picture page of your passport stored in a place separate from the place you plan to store your passport
  • A copy of flight itinerary
  • Originals or paper copies of your tickets (plane, train, bus, etc.)
  • International driver’s license if you plan to drive
  • If you use traveler’s checks, bring a copy of your check register
  • Consider keeping some US Dollars in a safe place in your hotel in event of emergency
  • Copy of Chest X-Ray TB Test (if taken)
  • Copy of Health Insurance
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Physical copy of the accommodation address: 
    • On-Campus Housing
      • Incheon Global Campus (IGC) Housing Office
        A 117, Songdo Munhwa-ro 119, Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon, Korea 21985

    • You would need this information when you complete the form to confirm your residence in Korea if you are living on-campus. Failure to provide your residence in Korea will result in your placement in a government facility to complete the mandatory self-quarantine mandate. Students would be responsible for the self-quarantine-related fees (Estimated Cost: KRW 1,400,000 / KRW 100,000 per day). 

    • Off-Campus Housing
      • Please make sure to have your accommodation contract with you to confirm your residence in Korea. 

Must-Pack Items:

I think my check-in will be late or over a weekend. What do I do?

Please contact your Resident Advisor before the check-in date. If you are checking in outside of standard business hours, contact the Office of Student Affairs at with the following information: flight itinerary, date of
check-in, planned check-in time, and G Number.

Here is a summary of the steps you will need to follow for non-standard check-in times:

  1. Contact your Resident Advisor and the Office of Student Affairs.
  2. Arrive on campus.
  3. Visit the security office to check your G Number and name.
  4. Pick up your key and documents.
  5. You are all set, so head to your room and start unpacking!

This is my first trip to Korea. What should I pack? Can I use my own phone?

Please read the “Daily Necessities” section here: Arrival and Acclimation Tips.


What should I do at the Incheon International Airport upon arrival?

Leaving the Incheon International Airport: Upon arrival at Incheon International Airport (ICN), all passengers are tested for COVID-19. Passengers will be directed to a government facility until their results are available within 24 hours.

  • If the test result is negative, passengers will be permitted to leave the airport for their domicile in Korea, then begin their 14-day quarantine requirement.
  • If the test result is positive, the passenger will be directed to a medical facility for treatment. 

Quarantine Process

For detailed information, you may visit the following link: Incheon International Airport

How do I complete the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine?

1. Leaving the Incheon International Airport: Upon arrival at Incheon International Airport (ICN), all passengers are tested for COVID-19. Passengers will be directed to a government facility until their results are available within 24 hours.

  • If the test result is negative, passengers will be permitted to leave the airport for their domicile in Korea, then begin their 14-day quarantine requirement.

  • If the test result is positive, the passenger will be directed to a medical facility for treatment. 

2. Self-Quarantine Process: All persons flying into Korea regardless of country of origin are required to self-quarantine for 14 days and self-report through a self-diagnosis app for a 14 day period. Information about how to download the app and what is expected during the self-reporting period will be provided at the airport.  If you want to check this in advance, click here:


On-Campus Residents:

All on-campus residents will be temporarily assigned to a self-quarantine room for the 14-days. All meals will be provided by the Office of Student Affairs during self-quarantine. Students will not be allowed to leave their self-quarantine room under any circumstances. At the end of your 14-day quarantine, you will be allowed by IGC Housing to check in to your designated room. 

If you have not submitted your Chest X-Ray TB Test, you will be permitted to self-quarantine on-campus, but will be unable to move into your permanent assignment until you have completed this requirement. At the end of your quarantine, the Office of Student Affairs will assist the student with obtaining the Chest X-Ray TB test. 

For any questions regarding the Chest X-Ray TB Test, please contact the Office of Student Affairs ( 

Off-Campus Residents: 

  1. The Ministry of Education now requires all university personnel—faculty, staff, and students—to self-quarantine and refrain from coming to campus for a two-week period after return to Korea on an international flight. This means you are not permitted to enter the Mason Korea building or any other facility on campus.


Quarantine 2

How do I access WIFI for international call OR to download the Self-Diagnosis App? 

The Incheon International Airport provides free Wifi connection. If you have any questions about the WIFI connection, you may inquire to the Information Desks. 

How do I register for the Alien Registration Card?

All D-2 visa holders will be registering for the Alien Registration Card during the International Student Orientation Week. 

Please read the “Alien Registration Card” section here: Immigration.

I lost my Alien Registration Card. What should I do?

Please read the “Alien Registration Card” section here: Immigration.

How do I renew my ARC?

Please read the “Extending Your Stay” section here: Immigration.

Returning to Home Country

I am preparing to leave Korea indefinitely. What should I do?

  1. Inform the Office of Student Affairs of your departure date at
  2. Arrange your check-out date with your Resident Advisor. Your Resident Advisor will check the status of your room to make sure the room is in good condition.
  3. Close your bank account and cellphone account.

What should I do with my Alien Registration Card?

You need to submit your Alien Registration Card at the airport before your flight departing Korea. For more information, contact the Immigration Contact Center.

Emergencies, Non-Emergencies, and Wellness

Who should I contact if I am in an emergency situation?

Fire or Medical Emergencies
Phone (Korean service): 119
Phone (English service): 02-119

Police Emergencies
Phone (Multilingual service): 112

Please read here for more details: Emergencies.

Where should I go for a non-emergency issue?

There are plenty of resources for many types of issues in both Incheon and Seoul.

Please see our Health and Safety page for some of the many available resources: Health and Safety.

Who should I contact if I need help dealing with stress or other personal issues?

Please schedule an appointment with Ms. Jan Lee, our licensed psychologist in charge of the Korea campus Counseling and Wellness service.

Please see Ms. Lee’s page for more details: Counseling and Wellness.

Health Insurance and External Providers

What is the easiest health insurance solution while studying in Korea?

International students are required to hold medical health insurance while studying at Mason Korea. For assistance regarding health insurance to study at Mason Korea, please contact the Office of Student Affairs ( 

Military Service

Will I need to serve in the Korean military if I study in Korea?

Please note prospective GMUK male students who hold Korean citizenship or are dual citizens ( Korea and another country) may be subject to Military service conscription requirements before being able to leave Korea and return to their country of residence at the end of their program of study. Prospective male students who fall in one of the citizenship categories referenced above should contact the Korean embassy or consulate in their country of residence to receive information about the process to be allowed to return to their country of residence without being conscripted through the Overseas Travel Permit . The Overseas Travel Permit is required for all conscription candidates who have not yet completed their military service duty and wish to travel or stay overseas. For more information please consult the following link:

See Military Manpower Administration – Overseas Travel Procedure Guidebook for Conscription Candidates.