Chingu+ Program

Chingu+ Program is a cultural experience program provided by Mason Korea University Life. The program encourages students to come together and participate in cultural experiences as small groups.

Prticipants will have the opportunity to choose and join two free cultural excursions taking place in Incheon, Seoul, and other cities in the country. These experiences are offered by Budify and Mason Korea University Life will cover the program fee for participants.


Examples of Culture Events


Browse more events on Budify* Website.

* Budify is an experience platform start-up company that collects, manages, and provides Korean experience programs and courses to foreigners in Korea. The company is supported by the Ministry of Startups and SMEs, South Korea.


Administration & Rules

  • Excursions will be conducted as small group activities (3-5 participants in each group).
  • Each participant will be provided with a Budify account with a certain amount of credits that can be used to make reservations for cultural programs on the Budify website.
  • Participants will be responsible for covering non-program fees such as transportation, food, and other personal expenses.
  • Each group must submit an experience report to MKUL within 10 days after completing the excursion.
  • Each group should complete at least two excursion programs in order to receive the certificate at the end of the semester.
  • Participants must attend the following meetings: program orientation, mid-semester check-in, and end-of-semester meeting.



University Life will send out an email announcement at the beginning of each semester to recruit participants. Contact Mason Korea University Life at for more information about the program.

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