Dual Citizenship (Korean & Another)

Dual Citizenship (Korean & Another)

If the student holds Korean and non-Korean passports, the student do not require D-2 student visa to study at George Mason University Korea. Please check with the nearest Embassy of the Republic of Korea to determine your citizenship status. As a result, all male students with Korean passport may be required to enroll in the military service. 

For more information, please contact the Republic of Korea Military Manpower Administration (English) 

Military Service for Citizens of the Republic of Korea

Please note prospective GMUK male students who hold Korean citizenship or are dual citizens ( Korea and another country) may be subject to Military service conscription requirements before being able to leave Korea and return to their country of residence at the end of their program of study.  Prospective  male students who fall in one of the citizenship categories referenced above should contact the Korean embassy or consulate in their country of residence to receive information about the process to be allowed to return to their country of residence without being conscripted through the Overseas Travel Permit .  The Overseas Travel Permit is required for all conscription candidates who have not yet completed their military service duty and wish to travel or stay overseas. For more information  please consult the following link:

 Republic of Korea Military Manpower Administration (Korean)