Grace Period for Departure

International students can apply for a short-term grace period for departure. The student can receive up to 30 days of grace period as an addition to the previously approved stay period. 

Students must be in good immigration standing. Remaining in South Korea beyond the approved grace period may result in sanctions against the student. 

Students can apply for the extension from four months before the end date of their current stay periods. The university highly recommends applying for an extension at least a month before the end of the current stay period. 


Items to be Prepared by Student 

  1. Passport
  2. Copy of flight ticket with a departure date 
  3. Proof of Residency 
    • If you are living on-campus, submit a housing resident certificate issued by the IGC Housing Office 
    • If you are living off-campus, submit a copy of the rental contract 
  4. Pledge form (this form will be provided by the international student advisor)
    * there is no application fee for this process.



To apply for the grace period, students must visit the immigration office in person. Schedule a meeting with your international student advisor to prepare for your application and set up an appointment to visit the Incheon immigration office.