Join Us in Korea

Mason Day 2019
Mason Day 2019

Why Mason Korea?

The study abroad experience at George Mason Korea is unique for George Mason students, because Mason Korea is a campus of George Mason University. That means it offers the same courses as on Mason’s US campus. Since they are Mason courses, there is no need to negotiate course transfers.  Likewise, Mason students enjoy the same systems of advising and course requirements as in the US, and the seamless use of Mason systems such as Patriotweb.

While you’re here, Mason Korea will strive to provide you the study abroad experience of a lifetime, one that integrates the classroom with your exploration of Korea. Many of the Mason Core or other Mason courses available to you will have special themes that take advantage of this Mason campus’s Korea location.  You might take an anthropology class on K-pop, a conflict resolution class on the North-South Korean conflict, or a literature class on Korean literature. You’ll also enjoy excursions built into your classes, such as trips to a K-pop concert, the DMZ (the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea) or to writer’s museums in Seoul and elsewhere.  You’ll be learning about Korean life and culture while you immerse yourself in it.

Finally, Korea is a fantastic country to learn about, a country with an ancient and complex roots and a modern miracle, the hub of some of the more popular international music and television.  Easy to live in and efficient, it is also a vibrant laboratory for the processes of globalization. And the food is amazing.

What Can I Study and How do I Get There?

Mason Korea offers a variety of Mason Core courses along with courses in various disciplines including Business, Global Affairs, Economics, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and Computer Game Design. To better plan your time on the Korea campus, check out our schedule of course offerings over the next three years.

There are currently two programs that are available for Mason U.S. campus students to participate in to study at the Korea campus, Global Gateway and Study Abroad. Students may also use their semester abroad at Mason Korea to complete the minor in international business.