February 6, 2018

Mason Chingu Program

Purpose of Program

The Mason Chingu Program is established by the Office of Student Affairs at George Mason University- Korea for the purposes of creating opportunities for the student body to build strong bonds between Korean students and International students through cultural and language exchange activities with small group support.



GMUK Participants will be selected through an application process coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs. GMU Fairfax applicants will be automatically enrolled in the program upon receiving selection to study abroad at the GMUK campus. All international students who directly enroll with Mason Korea will be automatically enrolled in this program.


No Participants in this program are to be restricted on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, gender or age.  Volunteers must be able to speak English in order to communicate with members from the Fairfax campus.

  • All active members must be currently enrolled as GMU students.


Types of membership:


Active (currently enrolled as GMU students who attend meetings/functions

Associate (may include members of the faculty/staff,  and other GMUK community members )

Officers (sophomore and above currently enrolled as GMUK students) Who will plan and   organize meetings and events) and coordinate Chingu assignments.


  • In order to be recognized as an active/associate, all members must establish minimum 70 % of entire volunteer hours.

 Only active members who established minimum 70 % of entire volunteer hours can receive official volunteer certificate from George Mason University Korea.


A student can be removed from any involvement in the program if found to be in violation of any university policies, rules, or procedures; and/or if found to not meet the minimum GPA requirement to be a part of the program. Removal from the program will be at the sole discretion of the staff from student affairs assigned to oversee the program.



 President: should be a Mason student over sophomore year and be able to organize and plan for various meetings and events according to the Program’s goals.

Treasurer: should be a Mason student over freshman first semester and be able to keep track with the program expenses and work with Student affairs personnel  as necessary.

Vice-President: should be a Mason student sophomore year and be able to support the President with program activities.

Secretary: should be a Mason student able to keep schedule and track every meeting and events by providing reports on the relevant activities and programs


Each and every individual members who desires to serve as an officer should have a GPA of 2.5 or better.

Officers will be expected to arrive on campus at least two weeks prior to the start of every semester to assist in the final stages of the onboarding process of all international students and Fairfax study abroad students.

There will be no limitations to the amount of time and student can serve in an officer capacity,   however, if there is clear evidence that an officer is failing to meet the expectations of their role within the program, said officer may be removed from office by the staff of student affairs in consultation with the other officers of the program.  In the event of divergent opinions between student affairs personnel and the student officers on an acceptable outcome, officers may choose to pursue a Democratic poll of all active members. The results of such a poll will be considered as a recommendation of preferred resolution and will be forwarded to the Dean of Students who will make a final decision on the matter.



  Upon acceptance into the program, all active members who meet the minimum criteria to run for an officer position may seek to be elected to the position of their choice, by nomination or through self-declaration.

At the end of the each semester, or when an officer resigns or is removed from office, elections will be held.

  1. all active members of the program can participate in democratic vote.
  2. all active members can nominate themselves as well as other active members.
  3. all officer members can nominate candidate among the active members.


Candidates will be announced via an email from the office of student affairs and through a post on the Program’s social media page.  The office of student affairs will oversee the election of officers via a secret ballot offline or online with all active members being allowed to vote once.

 In the case of tie, the student affairs staff overseeing the program, in consultation with the Dean of Students, and the President of the Chingu program will make the final appointment.

The results of the elections will be announced to the active members within 72 Business hours of the close of elections day.



  • All active members must participate in the group meeting can be held weekly or monthly. (Depending on the need of the emergency.)
  • President or the Vice president of the club should be able to organize the club meeting and place.
  • If necessary, the executive board members can have meeting without time limit.
  • President or the Vice president should take attendance by the set form.
  • Candidate can be elected if more than half of the members including one or two officer members constitute a quorum.
  • In order to form a special meeting, the presider should announce the notice at least 3~4 days prior to the meeting.
  • All of the polls will be hold under the provision of the state parliamentary rules of order that has been stated by latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

 Application for Chingu Program

Services & Activities


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