Message from President


333133It is my honor to welcome you to George Mason University Korea (GMU Korea). As you learn more about us, including our mission, what an outstanding faculty and staff we have, and our state of the art facilities, it is my hope you will become part of the GMU Korea family so that we can help you pursue your educational dreams. Though still in our beginning years, we are already acquiring a global reputation as evidenced by our diverse student body and as a model institution for innovation and transformative education.

Located on Incheon Global Campus in the beautiful community of Songdo within the metropolitan city of Incheon and its award-winning international airport, we are part of a new global university initiative where we share a campus with other prominent institutions of higher learning from throughout the world. These institutions are State University of New York, University of Utah and Ghent University. Each of us is a satellite extension of our main campuses. We are part of George Mason University, the largest four-year university in Virginia and the only one boasting two Nobel Prize winning faculty members.

Here in Korea, we are an active part of a legacy of academic excellence and diversity where the intellectual growth of our students is a top priority. Our goal is to help create critical, forward-minded thinkers who have the values, skills and intellectual capacity to make contributions to our society. We want our students to earn a George Mason diploma embracing the commitment to enhance the well-being of our world, examine and offer solutions to problems of complexity, and, and skills to enhance, and, ultimately, pave the way for tomorrows that are far better than any of our yesterdays.

GMU Korea opened its doors in spring, 2014. Songdo is a master-planned community recognized throughout the world as a smart city offering exciting living, employment, and educational opportunities in an eco-friendly environment.  Songdo is where we strive to ignite intellectual curiosity and creative thinking. We began with fewer than three dozen students.  GMU Korea has since grown to encompass an exceptionally diverse student body, representing over two dozen nations and numbering several hundred young scholars. Within the next few years we are slated to reach 1,000 students. Our student-oriented staff and faculty come from nearly a dozen countries.  Their active presence showcases our enduring commitment to global leadership and our pursuit of academic and educational excellence. We are a singular institution with a global mind-set and pioneering spirit. These are reasons why we continue to enjoy the enthusiastic support of the Korean government and Incheon Metropolitan City as well as partnerships with dozens of institutions, organizations, and businesses throughout the world.

As we continue to build on what we have thus far achieved, I invite you to take the time to learn about every aspect of us, including our world-class academic programs of study, our array of extra-curricular activities and options, including on-and off-campus internship opportunities, and about our unique curriculum through which all students travel and study at our main campus in Fairfax, near Washington D.C., for two semesters.

At George Mason University Korea, global education is not an aspiration; it is what we are. We look forward to meeting and working with you in what I hope will be the very near future.

Yours in global spirit,

Dr. Steven K. Lee