Fairfax Transition

One of the exciting and unique features of the curriculum at George Mason University Korea is that students are required to spend a year of their education at George Mason University’s campus in Fairfax, Virginia. Both campuses in Korea and Fairfax are coordinating closely to help students be prepared for transition and have best possible academic experience while they in Fairfax.

There are certain requirements for students to fulfill prior to going to Fairfax. Students are also expected to return to Korea campus after successfully completing all the curricular requirements provided by the main campus. Students must consult with the Office of Academic Affairs regarding the Fairfax transition process as well as the process of returning to Korea campus.

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Important Implications of Early/Late Transition

The University schedules course offerings at GMUK based on the assumption that all 6th and 7th semester students will be studying in Fairfax. As a result, students who have completed all requirements for transitioning to the Fairfax campus but choose to delay their transition may face difficulty with their degree progress leading to delayed graduation date. The University cannot guarantee that students who choose to make such a decision will be able to fill a full semester course schedule if they choose to remain at GMUK beyond the 5th semester.