Career Advising

Career counselors meet with you individually to discuss your career goals and help you to implement an action plan for your future. There are many valuable resources available beyond counseling appointments. With a very professional network in place, the Career Development Center is a reliable source to help you achieve your successful future!

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule a 30-minute career counseling appointment, please go here: Career Counseling Appointments.

*Please note that you must register for a free account with this third-party site. For your safety, please do not register using your log-in information to MasonLive or other personal accounts.

*If you are unable to keep an appointment, please call our office at +82-32-626-5116. Thee of any combination of same-day cancellations and no-shows (e.g., three same-day cancellations; two no-shows and one same-day cancellation) will result in your being unable to make further appointments with a career counselor for the remaining duration of the semester in which the third cancellation or no-show occurs.