The Career Development Center provides students with an innovative, industry-focused approach to helping students determine and achieve their career goals. The dedicated assistance, courses, and workshops we offer can help you choose a major, prepare for the workplace or graduate school, and set a tangible plan in place to launch a successful and fulfilling professional life. Employers are looking for students who are career ready! In response to this need, we have developed a holistic and comprehensive career road map, which serves as a guide for preparing marketable graduates. The career road map outlines steps for every year you are in college to help you develop into a qualified and competitive candidate upon graduation.

Step 1. Awareness

The first step in our career road map is designed to help you discover your own interests and abilities. There are two awareness processes: self-awareness and career awareness. Self-awareness can be a useful tool in assessing the areas in which a candidate has strengths and limitations. Career awareness allows you to learn about the types of businesses and organizations that exist in the local, regional, and national economy, the occupations of people who work in those businesses and organizations, and the educational steps needed to prepare for desired careers.

Step 2. Navigation

The second step in our career road map is designed to help you learn more about specific career options and network with professionals currently working in those fields through career navigation activities.

Step 3. Immersion

The third step in our career road map is designed to provide students with professional development experience and an in-depth understanding of the recruitment processes of various types of organizations. Through our career immersion process, our students directly participate in various career-related activities.