Career Assessment

Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator® is the most widely used personality inventory that categorizes behavior based on preferences for focusing attention, gathering information, making decisions, and adopting a lifestyle. Understanding these preferences can be an important guide to help both students and alumni with their academic major, career exploration, decision-making, and development.


The StrengthsFinder is a web-based assessment where the questions are based on the theory of positive psychology. Students select descriptors that are anchored along a continuum. The results provide information about the student’s top five talents, which can be translated into the characteristics, attributes, and strengths that student possesses. Staff can then help students understand how to use this information to explore majors and careers, and prepare for job searching and interviewing.


Career Research

The Average Job Search Takes Six-To-Nine Months!

Securing an internship or job requires a well-thought-out strategy. Think of the entire process as a long-term project with multiple stages. For more details, review the “Job Search” section of the Career Readiness Guide PDF.

1. Create your resume and cover letter, and have them critiqued by the Career Development Center.

2. Identify your industry of interest and learn trends, career paths, and recruiting practices.

3. Network and build relationships with alumni and professionals in your field.

4. Apply for the position.

Job Hunting Resources

The public job search databases below cover a variety of industries and job functions for a broad audience. Positions listed on these databases range from entry-level to senior, and you may search by region. It is important to note that positions listed on general search sites may receive thousands of applications. To get the most use out of a public job search site, consider setting up an alert system or uploading your resume to help you manage new postings related to your interests.

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