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“Chingu” in Korean means “friend” in English. To help you transition to your life in Songdo and George Mason University Korea, the Chingu Program connects new international students with returning students. This helps provide each new international student with a friendly face, helping hand, and their first Songdo friendship, which may make a world of difference to a new student. Chingu can also offer linguistic support, cultural guidance, and information about life at George Mason University Korea. The goals of the Chingu Program are to both develop ties between international and local students, and facilitate the integration of international students into Korean society.

You are more than welcome to visit Chingu at their office in room G407, within the fourth floor’s Student Lounge in G408.

You may also email them at


The Spring 2019 Chingu Program Board Application is closed.

Meet Your Spring 2019 Chingu Board

Alexa Bituin

Sophomore, Accounting

I am excited to be a part of the Chingu Board because I want to help international students transition easily in Korea. I am also excited about organizing fun and cultural events in Korea that brings both Korean and international students together. Being a part of the Chingu Board excites me overall because I want to organize events that give members of the program a once in a lifetime experience.

In Spring 2019, I am looking forward to meeting new people and building lasting friendships. I am also looking forward to exploring more of Korea and organizing events that explore Korea outside of Incheon and Seoul. One thing I am especially looking forward to in the spring are the cherry blossoms.

For the international students, I want anyone who has a question or a concern to reach out to me on Kakaotalk (alexabear). I would hate to see an international student have a bad experience in Korea, so I want to ensure all international students have an easy transition in a foreign country. I would also organize fun events for the international students alongside with Korean students so they can appreciate Korea fully.

Grace Lara Sorto

Sophomore, Global Affairs

I want to create many new events that both the international and Korean students can enjoy. Going on city trips and trying new foods. I want to meet and learn about your cultures as well.
During the spring the weather is perfect for a trip to the beach with the chingu members. I want the Chingu program to grow with everyone else and everyone to make new friends. I also wish we can all get along very well!

This semester I’m excited to meet the new international students and I hope we can go on many trips and try many delicious food as well learn Korean language together. I want to see and experience the cherry blossom with all of you here in Korea.

Shaun Nam

Freshman, Accounting

I am excited to be a part of a program that helps international and Korean students to make life-long friends. I love organizing and supervising fun, interactive, and educational programs and I find that the Chingu Program is the perfect medium for it. I want to meet and connect with everyone in campus while helping those who have difficulty immersing themselves in to the Korean culture.

I look forward to meeting all the new and returning students and connecting with them one by one. I want to be a liaison between the international students and those who are native Koreans. I hope that we can participate and create good memories together!

I will take them to culturally significant locations in Korea such as the various palaces, Korean folk village, and many more. Also I will help them dive in to the real Korean culture by acting as a medium to go to more rural places. Lastly, I will provide the means for international students to get to know the Korean students.

Recent Chingu Events

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Past Events

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