February 6, 2018

Peer Advisor Application

Title:  International Peer Advisor

Due Date:  June 30, 2017


International Peer Advisors report directly to staff in the Office of Academic and Student Affair at George Mason University Korea and Office of Global Strategy in George Mason University.

Basic Function:       

The International Peer Advisor, together with the Mason Korea staff, is responsible for translating the overall philosophy and objectives of the George Mason University student experience into a practical and meaningful set of services, activities, and programs for Korea Campus students.  A key part of the responsibility is to work with MKASA and UNIV 100/101 professor to encourage Mason Korea students to participate and to get involved on campus while growing personally and professionally as a student leader.  The Peer Advisors are a great community of students and develop long lasting friendships.  Within this framework, the Peer Advisor is a helping‑oriented student who is a university para-professional staff member. The Peer Advisor’s primary role is to serve as a helping and/or resource person for students, Mason Korea staff, and other University personnel. ­The Peer Advisor represents George Mason University and is expected to promote an environment that fosters global-mindedness, educational achievement and personal growth.


  1. Peer Advisors arrive approximately one week before classes begin in the Fall 2017 semester (August 28, 2017) for training and preparation of new-student programs.
  2. Peer Advisors are expected to spend a minimum of twenty hours per week in job-related activities.  This includes two hours of staff contact and at least eighteen hours of student contact including writing weekly reports. Beyond this, Peer Advisors are also responsible for developing and implementing student programming as assigned.


Peer Advisor compensa­tion includes the following items and amounts,

  1. A scholarship equivalent to housing costs for the semester
  2. A total stipend of 1,200,000won (roughly equivalent to $1,000)
    1. Pay in two installments: the first installment in the beginning of semester and second installment in the middle of semester.

For those receiving financial aid, the scholarship will be computed as part of the students’ financial aid package and distri­buted in the form of a credit to their account each semester.

*** If you are receiving financial aid, we recommend that you contact the Financial Aid office in order to determine the possible impact of the scholarship to your particular financial situation.

Working Period:

  1. Peer Advisors are required to attend Fall 2017 Convocation and Orientation on August 25, 2017. (Orientation and Convocation dates are tentative)
  2. Peer advisors will have unofficial office hours in the first week of classes (August 28 to September 1, 2017) and will need to adjust office hour schedule with MKASA staff and fellow PA members before last day to add (September 4, 2017). Office hours do not include evenings weekends, break period and university closure days.
  3. Official PA office hours will be applied from September 4 and end on December 9, 2017.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Work with Students

  1. Peer Advisors are asked to reach out and communicate with students. Show willingness to assist students and be open-minded.
  2. Be visible, available and accessible to all residents on his/her assigned floor or complex and spend quality time with residents on a regular basis. This includes visiting residents informally in their rooms, eating meals with residents on more than an occasional basis, and providing time for residents to stop in and visit the Peer Advisor when the PA’s room door is open.
  3. Provide leadership for GMU Korea students by conducting regular GMU Korea area meetings and writing meeting minutes. This includes informing and reminding students about academic and university life related notice.
  4. Spend three out of four weekends each month on campus. This requires spending at least three hours during the weekends.
  5. Set a tone that promotes civility, respect, and acceptance of differences.
  6. Work to develop and maintain the sense of community in your living area. This includes attending to such matters as bulletin boards, floor activities on campus, etc.
  7. Plan and promote programs designed to help meet the cultural, social, intellectual, emotional, and physical needs of students, in particular as these help prepare the students for a success at Mason Korea and transition to the Mason Virginia year.
  8. Serve as a peer counselor and resource to students within individual and group contexts, especially assisting students to develop effective decision-making skills.
  9. Act as the primary source of continuing orientation for students.
  10. Educate new students on the policies, procedures, and university environment at George Mason University Korea. This includes attending info session for each majors and acknowledge the academic programs such as understanding of degree works.

B. Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Team work
    1. Communicate with your fellow Peer Advisors.
    2. Work with MKASA and UNIV 100/101 professor. This includes planning, promoting, and attending events.  MKASA holds about 10 events during a semester but the number of events is subject to change.
    3. Attend regular meetings with MKASA. Maintain regular communication with MKASA staffs about your community, resident issues and concerns via 1:1 meetings, staff meetings, and as otherwise requested.

*** This includes, but is not limited to, a Peer Advisor checking his/her staff mailbox, phone messages and campus e-mail messages on a daily basis. This also includes attending all scheduled 1:1 meetings with his/her supervisor and initiating conversations with his/her supervisor when necessary.

  1. Assume duty coverage responsibilities for their living area on a rotating basis with other staff members if appropriate.
  2. Assume other responsibilities related to the Peer Advisor program as assigned by Mason Korea or the Office of Global Strategy.
  3. Have an awareness and understanding of policies and regulations governing students at George Mason University, and as an individual adhere to them.
  4. Create a positive press on social media channel by posting at least once a week.

C. Peer Advisors Office Duties

  1. Peer Advisors are required to visit MKASA office before and after PA office hours to check-in and out.
  2. Maintain regular communication with MKASA staffs about your community, resident issues and concerns via 1:1 meetings, staff meetings, and as otherwise requested.
  3. Peer Advisors must follow their office hours. If they need to change the office hours or cannot show up, Peer Advisors are required to give MKASA at least 24 hour prior  notice and will need to make-up their office hour later.  Also, peer advisors will need to update their hours in front of their office door.
  4. Peer Advisors are in charge of keeping the record of list of students who visit the PA office.
  5. Peer Advisors are responsible to take care of items from PA room. Items will be stored in PA office and students will need to request to check-out the items such as board games, game CDs, etc. by vising PA office.
  6. Peer Advisors are required to submit weekly report at MKASA@gmu.edu before the meeting every week.
  7. Peer Advisors are required to plan and run block time (Mondays & Wednesdays, 12:00pm-2:00pm) events bi-weekly.
  8. If students are visiting Peer Advisors regarding academic advising, please assist students to department advisors and MKASA office.

**** Necessary forms will be provided to Peer Advisors.

Peer Advisor Application

  • Short-Answer Responses: After reviewing the Peer Advisor (PA) job description, please respond to the following questions. Please thoughtfully consider each question. Responses should be typed and be no more than one full page double spaced for each question.