Eunkyung Park

Eunkyung Park

Eunkyung Park


Korean language, Korean Culture, Media Studies

Eunkyung Park has 14 years of experience in teaching Korean Language and Korean Culture in Korea, Southeast Asia, and Europe. She taught Korean Culture in Ewha Korean Foundation Global E-School. Her other recent teaching experience includes teaching the Korean Language at Goethe University in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany (2017-2018), and teaching Korean Linguistics and Cultural classes in Silparkorn University in Thailand (2015 -2016). She co-authored "Korea Culture Textbook for Multicultural Background Students" in 2017, for the Korea Ministry of Education and was a Committee Member and Development team member of Korean as a Foreign Language curriculum for Secondary School in Thailand (Joint project of  Korea and Thai government). She completed Ph. D Course of Korean Culture and earned her Master's Degree in Teaching Korean Language as a Foreign Language at Ewha Womans University. 

Selected Publications

Younghoon, K., Jihey, H., Eunkyung, P., Jungsik, J., Seungyun, C. (2017). Korean Culture Textbook for Multicultural Background Students. National Institute for Lifelong Education. 

Courses Taught


KORE 110 Elementary Korean
KORE 202 Intermediate Korean II


Ph. D. Candidate in Korean Culture, Ewha Womans University (Seoul, Korea)
M.A. in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language, Ewha Womans University (Seoul, Korea)
B.A. in Educational Psychology, Seoul Women's University (Seoul, Korea)

Recent Presentations

‘Analysis and Proposals of Current status of Korean Studies Educations – focused on Korean Studies Education within Korean Language major in Thailand universities’, 2016 Korean Education Seminar, Thailand, Oct 2016

The Curriculum Development for Secondary School in Thailand’, The 3rd Seminar on Development of Korean Language Education for the Secondary School in Thailand, Ministry of Education, Thailand, Apr 2016

‘Case Study on the Educational Method of Teaching Korean Culture Using Movies – using “Korean through Public Media” class in Silpakorn Univ as the example’,   The Workshop on the Development of Education in Korean Studies, Burapha Univ, Thailand, Dec 2015

‘Korea’ from Thai’s perspective: case study on Thai movie <Hello Stranger(2010)>', The International Conference on Korean Language Education in Thailand 2015, Chulalongkorn Univ, Aug 2015