Keanah Turner

Keanah Turner

Keanah Turner

Graduate Lecturer

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation. Environmental Assessments. Sustainability. Examining the Role of Federalism and Collaborative Governance in Local Management of Public Programs.

While pursuing my Bachelor’s degree I developed an interest in understanding the intersection between science, industry, policy, and the public. I have a passion for the environment, and a desire to contribute to effective, sustainable, solutions to environmental issues. As I pursue a Master’s degree in Environmental Management at George Mason, I have focused my research on deepening my understanding of the interactions between public policy and public perception.

I want to develop solutions that take a transdisciplinary approach to accumulating knowledge during the initial planning period to predict and prevent unexpected weaknesses. This approach reduces the amount of additional efforts to address unexpected shortcomings, as well as, increases public and industry involvement in the project. Thereby, dissolving preexisting boundaries between science, policy, and industry. Collaboration between scientists, the government, and the public is the key to developing sustainable solutions in the face of shifting environmental norms.

The desire that I have to understand and eventually operate within that intersection has been a driving force behind the direction I have chosen for both my educational and professional careers

Current Research

My current research is focused on examining the role that federalism plays in the development of collaborative governance in the local management of recycling programs by public administrators. I am also examining how external factors and information is implemented in management of recycling programs and the type of materials collected.

Courses Taught

EVPP 201 KD2 - Environment and You: Issues for the 21st Century


Completed: B.S in Environmental Science and a minor in Biology from Ferrum College, Ferrum, VA.

In progress: M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy with a concentration in Environmental Management, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.